Mark Pellington Talks Deeper Storytelling Behind ‘Going All The Way – The Director’s Edit’

Feature stars Jeremy Davies, Ben Affleck, Rachel Weisz and Rose McGowan.


Director Mark Pellington had the opportunity to recut his 1997 feature Going All The Way, and Going All The Way: The Director’s Edit is a complete reimagining of the feature. Pellington talked about his journey in revisiting his debut feature film. Having seen both versions, The Director’s Edit is a more immersive and ultimately resonant narrative. Co-star Nick Offerman, who made his feature screen debut in the film, joins Pellington tonight at a Laemmle Royal screening. For tickets go here.

Jeremy Davies and Ben Affleck in “Going All The Way: The Director’s Edit” (Oscilloscope Laboratories)

Based on Dan Wakefield’s best-selling novel, Going All The Way: The Director’s Edit centers on Sonny (Jeremy Davies), a Korean War vet who reunites with a fellow high school colleague named Gunner (Ben Afflleck). Gunner is also returning from the war, and the two immediately strike up a friendship. Jill Clayburgh and Lesley Ann Warren co-star as the mothers of Sonny and Gunner. Rounding out the stellar ensemble cast are Amy Locane (excellent as Sonny’s long suffering girlfriend), Rachel Weisz (Gunner’s prospective love interest) and Rose McGowan (a girl who catches Sonny’s eye).

Jeremy Davis in Going All The Way – The Director’s Edit

Having seen this film back in 1997, I loved the music, acting, period detail, and the gorgeous actresses behind Going All The Way. Now at 51, my intellect has thankfully expanded, and Going All The Way: The Director’s Edit was a completely different experience for me. Pellingon has carved out a successful filmmaking career (Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies, The Severing), but Going All The Way is one of his more underrated efforts.

My interview wih Pellington is below via YouTube and the CinemAddicts podcast. This is a 4.5/5 feature for me, and hopefully more cinephiles get to see this feature! For more information on where to see Going All The Way: The Director’s Edit, go to Oscilloscope Laboratories: