Gal Gadot Sees ‘Wonder Woman’ As The “Glue” Of ‘Justice League’ Dynamic

With the monumental success of Wonder Woman and a sequel on the way, Gal Gadot will have much of her cinematic time devoted to the DC Comics universe for the immediate future. Her latest journey as Princess Diana comes with the November 17 release of Justice League, and check out the audio below as she discusses what makes Wonder Woman a special individual.

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‘Batman’ – Movie Pop Culture Icon and New Adventures


A billionaire playboy and business and a vigilante at night, Bruce Wayne is the “dark knight” of the DC Universe. Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger back in 1939, Batman continues to gain momentum thanks to his stature in comic books, cinema, and video games. No matter which corner you turn, the Caped Crusader is just a few steps away!

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‘Gone Girl’ With Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike Hits Blu-Ray In January


Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike deliver some of their best work in David Fincher’s crime thriller Gone Girl, and the hit film comes out on Blu-ray and DVD January 13 via Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Gone Girl Blu-ray Cover - Twentieth Century Fox HOme Entertainment
Gone Girl Blu-ray Cover – Twentieth Century Fox HOme Entertainment
Based on the bestseller by Gillian Flynn, the serpentine plot centers on an unsuccessful bar owner named Nick (Ben Affleck) who is accused of killing Amy (Rosamund Pike), his highly intellectual and emotionally distant wife. With the police (led by Kim Dickens and Patrick Fugit) hot on his trail and enveloped within a huge media circus, Nick hires a prominent defense attorney (Tyler Perry) to clear his name. But with Amy’s body nowhere to be found and the residents of his sleepy town slowly losing faith, Nick Dunne’s prospects appear extremely dim.
Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne in 'Gone Girl' - Twentieth Century Fox (CR: Merrick Morton)
Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne in ‘Gone Girl’ – Twentieth Century Fox (CR: Merrick Morton)

Gone Girl comes with a new “Amazing Amy” story titled “Tattle Tale,” and the 36-page children’s book is only available with the purchase of the Blu-ray edition.

Along with “Tattle Tale,” the Blu-ray also comes with audio commentary from director David Fincher.


‘Gone Girl’ Retains Box-Office Throne With $26.8 Million Weekend


Gone Girl shook off three new films to retain the top spot at the box-office, as it made $26.8 million. The closest challenger to the film was Dracula Untold, which made $23.5 million. Robert Downey Jr.’ s star power couldn’t life The Judge from a mediocre opening weekend, as it limped into fifth place.

This weekend’s box-office top 10:

  1. Gone Girl – $26.8 million
  2. Dracula Untold – Takes a substantial box office bite with a $23.5 million debut.
  3. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day – Family film checks in $19.1 million. If you want to see a great film with Alexander co-star Logan Lerman, check out Fury when it comes out October 17.
  4. Annabelle – $16.4 million
  5. The Judge – Disappoints with a $13.3 million.
  6. The Equalizer – Denzel Washington flick turns in $9.7 million.
  7. Addicted – $7.6 million
  8. The Maze Runner – $7.5 million
  9. The Boxtrolls – $6.7 million
  10. Meet the Mormons – $3 million

‘Gone Girl’ Tops Box Office With $38 Million Weekend



As expected, Gone Girl debuted at the #1 spot at this weekend’s box-office, scoring another hit for filmmaker David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). The horror film Annabelle also had a great opening, narrowly missing the top spot with $37.2 million, with the Denzel Washington flick The Equalizer having a solid outing with $19 million. here’s the top 10:

1. Gone Girl – Another hit for director David Fincher, with Oscar nomination buzz surrounding Rosamund Pike’s performance. $38 million
2. Annabelle – $37.2 million
3. The Equalizer – $19 million in its second weekend, and it’s already grossed $104 million worldwide.
4. The Boxtrolls – $12.43 million
5. The Maze Runner – $12 million
6. Left Behind – The faith based feature, starring Nicolas Cage, debuts with $6.85 million.
7. This is Where I Leave You – Family comedy, budgeted at $19.8 million, has made $29 million domestically. Over the weekend, it turned in $4 million.
8. Dolphin Tale 2 – $3.53 million
9. Guardians of the Galaxy – $3.03 million. Domestic total: $323.36 million.
10. No Good Deed – $2.5 million this weekend, but this Idris Elba/Taraji P. Henson flick has surpassed expectations with a $50.16 million domestic haul.

Gone Girl

‘Draft Day’ Star Jennifer Garner Is Hooked On Baseball’s “Soap Opera”


Starring Kevin Costner, Draft Day is a sports comedy that centers on the NFL Draft, aka one of the most important days of the season. If a team doesn’t do well at building their roster through the draft, their squad is pretty much locked in for a miserable season.  Costner plays Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, a team that in reality has had way too many losing seasons to count.

Co-star Jennifer Garner is Ali, Sonny’s whip smart girlfriend who is also the Browns’ salary cap manager. To research the role, Garner picked the brain of Megan Rogers, the actual Browns capologist.

“I basically stole everything from her,” said Garner. “From what she carried in her arms. To the way she dressed. To how she comported herself. Megan is someone who never needs to show you that she knows everything. She just holds it inside and if necessary she brings down a hammer. That’s what I loved I loved about Alli.”

Garner has a valid theory on why women excel as high level sports executives. “What makes women so great in these high up positions in sports teams is (that) they can keep their emotions in check and their brains can do a lot of things at once,” adds the actress, who was seen last year in Dallas Buyers Club. “Because if you’re going to a capologist, you’re basically business affairs, plus you’re thinking about the art of football, plus (you’re thinking about) your team’s future, what’s been important in the past. You have to have so much going on in your brains at once and let’s face it, we’re just good at that.”

During the Draft Day press conference, Garner added that although she grew up in West Virginia as a football fan, her domicile is essentially a baseball house. The actress talked about why she loves America’s national pastime, which she describes as a “soap opera.” 

Directed by Ivan Reitman (Dave, Twins), Draft Day opens April 11.