KJ Apa Aims For “Classic Kind” Of Rock ‘n’ Roll With New Band ‘Legend’

Maia Mitchell and K.J. Apa in "The Last Summer" (Netflix)
KJ Apa and Maia Mitchell co-star as teens on the verge of romance in Netflix’s The Last Summer. Along with his work in movies and television (Riverdale), Apa is also carving out a music path with his new band Legend. Audio from Apa about the band is below!

KJ Apa in Netflix’s “The Last Summer.” (CR: Dan Henterly)

During the roundtable interviews for The Last Summer, Apa remarked how live instruments and live music were among the sounds that inspire him, as he’s been also listening to “heaps of Soundgarden” and Mother Love Bone.

These influences as well as his own passion for music has led him to Legend. Here’s transcript and audio of Apa’s thoughts on Legend:

I’m in a band called Legend. We’ve been playing together for about three months. All the boys are from Vancouver. We’re trying to finish an album this year. We play rock music like classic kind of rock ‘n roll and we all love it and we hope that people like it too. Our goal is to kind of get people listening to rock again and because we all grew up on the same kind of music. It’s been really fun to come together and create this kind of stuff.”

The Last Summer, co-starring Jacob Latimore and Tyler Posey, hits Netflix on May 3.