Joaquin Phoenix Brings Down The Hammer In ‘You Were Never Really Here’ Trailer

You Were Really Never Here
There’s just too many movies to wade through on a daily basis to truly get excited over a movie, but the trailer for You Were Never Really Here has me pumped. The trailer is below, as well as five reasons why this movie should be on your radar.

You Were Really Never Here
You Were Really Never Here


  1. You Were Never Really Here Was Already Feted In Cannes 

    The movie received Cannes Film Festival awards for Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix) and Best Screenplay (Lynne Ramsay). As far as critical momentum goes, this flick has it in spades. 

  2. Lynne Ramsay Is A True Auteur

    My CinemAddicts partner Anderson Cowan has waxed poetic about Lynne Ramsay’s 2011 feature We Need To Talk About Kevin, and it’s a flick that he’s mentioned numerous times (it’s right up there with Bone Tomahawk and Buzzard) during the two years of the show’s existence. I still haven’t seen We Need To Talk About Kevin, and hopefully it’s streaming on Netflix or Amazon for me to do a last minute catch-up before You Were Never Really Here’s April 6 release. Ironically, I did see Jane Got A Gun, a solid Western which Ramsay left due to creative differences (Gavin O’Connor took over directing duties).

    Ramsay’s previous film before We Need To Talk About Kevin was Morvern Callar which came out in 2002. This essentially means Ramsay takes years before doing her next project, and one can guess that is partly due to the business of filmmaking and/or her own attention to detail.

  3.  2018 Is The Year of Joaquin Phoenix

    Being a huge fan of The Master, Her, and I’m Still Here, every year is a Joaquin Phoenix for me (I even dug 2015’s overlooked Woody Allen flick Irrational Man).
    But this literally is the year of Phoenix, as he plays Jesus Christ in the biblical feature Mary Magdalene, reunites with My Own Private Idaho filmmaker Gus Van Sant in Don’t Worry, and hunts down Jake Gyllenhaal in the 1850s set Oregon tale The Sisters Brothers. All of these films, including You Were Never Really Here, ensure that we’ll be getting a huge does of Phoenix this year.

  4. Joaquin Phoenix Literally Brings The Hammer

    You’re going to have to see the trailer to believe it, but Joaquin gives Chris Hemsworth a run for his money re: hammer time.  It’s definitely a gif-worthy moment, but the entire trailer for You Were Never Really Here packs quite a punch.

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  5. The narrative is based on Jonathan Ames’ hard-boiled novel.
    I’ll be doing a bit of deep diving before this movie comes out, as the story is based on Jonathan Ames’ book (I’m a hard-boiled genre fan, so I’m ordering the paperback on Amazon right after finishing the post).
    Ames is a successful scribe who also created the series Bored to Death and Blunt Talk, so the source material for the film comes from a talented place.

You Were Never Really Here opens nationwide April 6. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!



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