Jennifer Aniston’s “Life of Crime” & Career Includes Directing


Jennifer Aniston enters Elmore Leonard territory with Life of Crime, a movie adaptation of the late scribe’s novel The Switch. Set in late 1970s Detroit, the storyline centers on a shady real estate developer (Tim Robins) who must pay a $1 million ransom for his kidnapped wife Mickey (Jennifer Aniston). The crooks who’ve taken Mickey hostage are named Ordell (Mos Def) and Louis (John Hawkes), and they’re characters who later surface in Quentin Tarantino’s film Jackie Brown (Ordell is played by Samuel L. Jackson with Robert De Niro taking on the Louis role).

During the Life of Crime press conference that was held this week in Los Angeles, Jennifer Aniston was asked if directing was in her near future (she directed the two shorts Five and Room 10):

“Absolutely. That’s the next thing, the big sort of hurdle I want to take on. I’ve done a few short films that I just loved the experience of doing. I’m just waiting for that wonderful window and that wonderful script and that will be the next one for me.”

Whenever Aniston finds the time or the right material to direct a full length feature, don’t expect her to tackle science fiction or horror. Click on the Soundcloud bar below to hear Jennifer Aniston talk about the movies you’ll probably never see her direct:

Life of Crime hits theaters, Video On Demand, and iTunes on Friday, August 29.

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