Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie Embark On A Dangerous “Honeymoon”


Opening September 12 in select theaters, iTunes, on VOD, Honeymoon centers on Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie), newlyweds who shack up in a remote cabin for a little rest and relaxation. Their romantic bliss is shattered when a half naked Bea sleepwalks her way into the middle of the woods, and her nighttime jaunt leads to her gradual mental and emotional transformation.

Paul tries his best to shake Bea out of her current state, and although he tries to solve the mystery of his wife’s transformation, his luck is slowly running out. Clocking in at 87 minutes, Honeymoon is a tightly paced thriller packed with its share of tension and inevitable heartbreak.

Playing Bea, a woman whose humanity is slowly slipping away was a challenging process for Leslie. “In terms of head space, it was very much leaning on Harry and being able to have a dialogue with him on and off screen,” said the actress, who’s best known for her work as Ygritte in Game of Thrones. “And kind of tackling it together.”

Although Honeymoon is a psychological thriller, it’s doesn’t approach the genre with paper thin insight. Treadaway, who celebrates his 30th birthday today, believes the film tackles even deeper issues regarding trust and intimacy:

Hopefully these are people that you can believe in and that universal question that must be asked when you decide to fully commit yourself to someone in life. To love them with all of yourself and to trust them with everything you have. The very process of that is opening yourself up to the possibility of them breaking that trust or not being the person that you hoped they were.

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