Hailee Steinfeld Releases Debut EP ‘Haiz’ On November 13


Hailee Steinfeld

Actress Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Pitch Perfect 2) is also embarking on a nascent music career, and her debut EP Haiz comes out November 13 via Republic Records. Along with her hit single “Love Myself,” the EP includes the tunes “Hell No’s and Headphones,” “Rock Bottom,” and “You’re Such A.”


“Love Myself,” a pop tune that sports an uplifting message, hit #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and reached #25 on Shazam’s US Top 100. The music video, part of which was shot in downtown Los Angeles, has reached over 30 million views.

The one thing you can expect from Steinfeld’s music venture is that it’s not a fly by night kind of hobby. She committed a full year to acting school (under her mother’s advice) before embarking on her film career (she received an Oscar nod for her work in True Grit at age 14).

During the Barely Lethal press conference, Steinfeld talked about the genesis of her acting career and how, even with her success, she never stops learning:


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