Giveaway: Enter To Win “John Wick” On Blu-Ray


Keanu Reevesalong with a talented ensemble (Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Willem Dafoe, Dean Wintersand scene stealer Adrianne Palicki), were terrific in John Wick, and the feature comes out on Blu-ray and DVD via Lionsgate Home Entertainment on February 3.

I’m giving out three (3) Blu-rays of John Wick. To enter the Giveaway:

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  2. In the Comments section below – name your favorite Keanu Reeves movie and briefly explain why you love it.
  3. Once you “Like” our Facebook page and Comment, send your Email info to – If you’re the Winner of the Giveaway, I will email you back and ask for your address & send the Blu-Ray.
  4. The GIVEAWAY, ends Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Winners will be announced on the Deepest Dream Facebook Page. To qualify for the Giveaway, you must have a valid U.S. address. Good luck!!
John Wick - Lionsgate Home Entertainment
John Wick – Lionsgate Home Entertainment


24 thoughts on “Giveaway: Enter To Win “John Wick” On Blu-Ray

  1. My favorite Keanu Reeves movie is The Matrix (1999)! Because aside from the great story, and this being one of his best roles, and performances (in my opinion), the movie has a lot of great action and spectacle!

  2. Looks like it’s been said a few times, but The Matrix. It was the first rated R movie I ever saw, and the first real serious sci-fi movie I’d seen. I remember being blown away by how original and thought-provoking it was, and it still holds up as one of the best sci-fis of all time.

    Honorable mention to A Scanner Darkly. One of Linklater’s best movies, based on a great Philip K Dick book, with a really unique visual style.

    And Bill and Ted will always hold a place in my heart because it’s one of my dad’s “classics.” We’ve seen it together like 8 times.

    1. Have to rewatch A Scanner Darkly down the road – may do the whole Waking Life/A Scanner Darkly double feature just for that whole rotoscope experience…

  3. I was BLOWN AWAY by The Matrix!! It had an awesome blend of Hong Kong action cinema, innovative visual effects and an imaginative vision

  4. My favorite film with Keanu has to be the Matrix. I loved everything about that film and saw it 4 times in the theaters.

  5. My favorite Keanu Reeves movie is The Matrix because I think he was able to fully embrace the role’s character.

  6. The Matrix! Still remember going to see it with a bunch of my friends from my college dorm. It was unlike any other movie that has been out in terms of CGI and fight choreography. Maybe Terminator 2 comes a little close.

  7. My favorite Keanu Reeves movie is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I saw it so many years ago and it reminds me of such a happy time!

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