FYF Reviews: ‘Sator,’ ‘Cowboys,’ ‘The World To Come’ And ‘The Au Pair Nightmare’

Other films covered on the episode include Malcom & Marie, Mud, Below Zero and Greystoke.

On the latest Find Your Film podcast we review, praise, and unpack the complexities of the indie horror-thriller Sator. Bruce and Eric also dole out their weekly recommendations, and I have two new films that I’m crazy about (The World to Come, Cowboys).


Now available digitally in North America, Sator centers on a family that is haunted by the titular character. That said, this evil creature/spirit may be the figment of the grandmother’s imagination, and it’s an emotional and psychic would that continues to wreak havoc. Set in a remote forest, director Jordan Graham crafted the film as a way to delive into his “family’s dark history with mental illness surrounding a supernatural entity.”

Bruce Purkey took issue with the film’s use of the grandmother, and he needs to listen to Graham’s take on the matter before giving his final judgment on the movie. Eric Holmes absolutely loves the picture, and all three of us are in agreeement that is is worth a watch if you dig atmospheric, moody,and scary thrillers (it’s amazing to see what Graham did with a DIY budget!). You can order/rent Sator via our Amazon link or via Sator’s site.

Vanessa Kirby (L) stars as Tallie and Katherine Waterston (R) stars as Abigail in Mona Fastvold’s THE WORLD TO COME Credit: Toni Salabasev

The World To Come is an 19th century drama about Abigail (Katherine Waterston), a woman who finds solace upon meeting Tallie (Vanessa Kirby). I absolutely love the feature’s immersive nature and inspired use of voiceover. These topics are discussed in my interview with Waterston and director Mona Fastvold. Feature is now playing in theaters and hits digital March 2.

Another film I’m highly recommending is the family drama Cowboys which stars Steve Zahn, Jillian Bell and newcomer Sasha Knight. The drama, directed by Anna Kerrigan, is really well told (sans being saccharine) and the performances are absolutely top notch. Knight is a total surprise in the film, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in more films.

Other films covered include Below Zero, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Malcolm & Marie, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and The Au Pair Nightmare (Eric’s backstory on how he picked this film is interesting!). Bruce also reviews Mud for his “What’s in the Box” segment.

Find Your Film Show Breakdown:

2:20 – My niece Clare stops by to say hi.
3:51 – Eric gives an update on his “D&D” inspired game.
4:09 – We review Sator.
6:14 – Bruce compliments the movie’s “gorgeous photography.”
7:27 – Eric compares this movie to Iceman  and The Head Hunter. “There’s a lot of weird stuff that makes me nervous,” said Holmes, citing a quill pen moment in the fixture. “At its heart, this felt like a Wendigo movie.” Overall Eric loved this movie.
13:51 – “I had some real ethical issues with this movie.”
22:58 – For the next Find Your Film director’s spotlight, Eric Holmes has picked Ralph Bakshi. We will cover Coon Skin and Wizards for the pod.
26:48 – Bruce is excited for The Beta Test, a movie which teams director/actor Jim Cummins and The Death of Dick Long actress Virginia Newcomb.
27:50 – For the movie rewind, Bruce Purkey gives his take on Malcolm & Marie.
33:00 – The other rewind has Eric recommending Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.
39:17 – For next week, we will also do spoilers for the upcoming Netflix feature I Care A Lot.
40:20 – Bruce’s first recommendation is Below Zero, which is now streaming on Netflix.
45:44 – Eric reviews the Joe Russo directed The Au Pair Nightmare, and this movie pick has an interesting backstory with Russo.
51:15 – I recommend the Bruce Willis action thriller Hard Kill which was co-written by Joe Russo.
52:25 – Bruce Purkey recommends The Editor which stars PG: Psycho Goreman actor Adam Brooks. The Editor is now streaming on Prime Video.
58:46 – Any time we can talk about PG: Psycho Goreman, the better!
63:00 – I review the new film The World To Come.
67:32 – Eric Holmes has the quote of the episode when he says Frank Darabont s**ts masterpieces for breakfast!
68:18 – Eric recommends Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. The review also includes an interesting movie factoid regarding Glenn Close and Andie Macdowell.
76:00 – I review the new film Cowboys which stars Steve Zahn, Jillian Bell and newcomer Sasha Knight.
80:11 – Bruce Purkey’s “What’s in the Box” review for Mud. Thanks to Chad Wilfong for the pick!!
88:02 – Which is a better film, Mud or Joe? Eric Holmes chimes in.
89:02 – The next What’s in the Box pick is Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Thanks to Angie Clark for the recommendation!

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