Louise Linton And Ed Westwick Talk “Courage” Behind ‘Me You Madness’ Journey

Directed, starring, and penned by Louise Linton, Me You Madness is an off the wall comedy with a life’s too short mentality. Essentially a two hander with co-star Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl, Enemy Lines), the feature is now available On Demand. My interview with Linton and Westwick is below!

Me You Madness”(Ed Westwick, Louise Linton). photo by Jessica Perez

Catherine Black (Louise Linton) lives the posh life as a hedge fund manager  who’s based out of her Malibu mansion. She takes on a charming man named Tyler (Ed Westwick) as her roommate, but this dreamboat is actually a petty thief.

Tyler thinks he has a huge ace up his sleeve, especially when Catherine takes a shine to him, but he doesn’t know Catherine is also a serial killer! Featuring an array of pop hits from yesteryear, snappy banter, flashy editing, and 80s infused dance numbers, Me You Madness’ humor ultimately won me over.

During the interview, Linton talked about her lifelong passion for film and what drives her as filmmaker. Another aspect of the movie I loved was the innate bond between Westwick and Linton, and they talked about how they inspire each other as friends.

“I am a fan of courage,” said Westwick. “Louise is not short on courage and this film is not short on courage.”

Me You Madness Interview Breakdown

:33 – Louise Linton on when she first fell in movies (she references John Hughes movies as well as 80s/90s flicks).
2:27 – Ed Westwick on the courage behind Me You Madness and collaborator Louise Linton.
4:10 – Louise Linton on looking back at the experience of making Me You Madness.
6:39 – On the innate friendship between Ed Westwick and Louise Linton.
7:55 – Favorite movies: Ed picks Notting Hill and Louise chooses Airplane!
8:50 – On what drives Louise Linton.
9:40 – Ed on working with Clint Eastwood on J. Edgar.

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