Find Your Film Reviews ‘The Wanting Mare,’ ‘Malcolm & Marie’ And ‘PVT CHAT’

It’s another great week for movie buffs with the release of several vastly different but engaging features (The Wanting Mare, Malcolm & Marie, PVT CHAT). Co-hosts Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes also bring their weekly recommendations to the table. Take a listen to hear what’s cooking this week!!

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Edmond Cofie in “The Wanting Mare” (Gravitas Ventures)

The Wanting Mare, directed and penned by digital artist Nicholas Ashe Bateman, is an immersive and futuristic epic that centers on a dream that is transferred from generation to generation. There is a love story that is the beating heart of this ambitious and intentionally oblique narrative. It took Bateman five years to complete this movie, which is shot in and around a Paterson, New Jersey warehouse. It’s a stunning accomplishment for an indie feature (the visual effects are, in my opinion, a thing of wonder) and the story itself surprisingly packed an emotional punch.

Co-host Eric Holmes also recommends The Wanting Mare, but Bruce Purkey did not recommend the feature (he described it during our conversation as like watching “paint dry”). I’m really interested to see the reactions to this movie, as The Wanting Mare will stay with me for quite a while (I’m definitely rewatching this one down the road). The feature hits U.S. theatres and VOD Friday, February 5.


Another film I dug is Malcolm & Marie, a black and white shot relationship drama headlined by Zendaya and John David Washington. Penned and directed by Sam Levinson, the feature has been favorabily compared to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. That said, Malcolm & Marie’s success relies on the excellent work from Zendaya and Washington (Woolf? had four actors to anchor the narrative). Both leads deserve Oscar nominations, and the B&W photography adds a ton of texture to the narrative as well. This one comes highly recommended, and I wish Bruce and Eric had the chance to see this film so we could fully discuss the flick.

Peter Vack & Julia Fox in PVT CHAT (Dark Star Pictures)

PVT CHAT centers on an online gambler named Jack (Peter Vack) who becomes obsessed with Scarlet (Uncut Gems’ Julia Fox), a cam girl who also develops a connection with Jack. Set in New York, the feature, though having its share of dark undertones, really won me over with the engaging performances by Vack and Fox. There is a surprising amount of humor of PVT CHAT, and credit goes to writer/director Ben Hozie for delivering a compelling story sans any sort of preachiness. The feature hits theaters February 5 and On Demand February 9.

Eric Holmes’ recommendations include Onward, Derek DelGaudio’s in & of Itself. and ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam CookeBruce Purkey’s picks include The Brood (from his What’s in the Box segment) and BlacKkKlansmanHe and Eric also review the new Denzel Washington feature The Little Things.

Take a listen to the latest episode of Find Your Film, and a show breakdown is also included with our podcast!

Find Your Film Podcast – February 4

2:40 – The cast of The Death of Dick Long performed a virtual rendition of Gone with the Wind. “The mustache game was very strong in this.”
6:20 – Bruce checked out a little bit of the Alex Winter movie Freaked which was hosted by the Movie Bears Podcast.
7:32 – Our main review this week is The Wanting Mare.
10:20 – Bruce Purkey absolutely did not enjoy The Wanting Mare calling it a videogame/cutscene type of movie. “It hurt my eyes to watch this movie.”
12:00 – I really loved The Wanting Mare.
13:10 – Eric Holmes, who liked the film,  sees it as a David Lynch movie meets Streets of Fire. He also compares the movie to Tenet.
23:12 – The Wanting Mare is a strong recommend for me, Eric Holmes liked it and thinks he’s gonna dig it with more views, Bruce Purkey does not recommend The Wanting Mare.
24:07 – I do a movie rewind on PG: Psycho Goreman. Summary: I loved it!
28:07 – Bruce and Eric talk about their favorite creatures from PG: Psycho Goreman.
29:20 – Bruce and Eric offer up their thoughts on The Little Things. Bruce says “it’s nothing special” and adds that it was “freaking ridiculous” that Jared Leto received a Golden Globe nomination.
32:52 – Eric Holmes is a “diehard” Denzel Washington fan. He says this may be Denzel Washington’s worst movie but he still liked The Little Things. Plus, he also liked Jared Leto’s performance. He, however, is not on the “Rami Malek train.” Holmes also adds Oscar Isaac may have been better casting choice than Malek.
37:34 – Eric’s first recommendation is the Pixar film Onward which he watched per the recommendation of the Movie Bears Podcast.
41:20 – I review (and recommend) the indie film PVT Chat.
44:50 – Bruce reviews BlacKkKlansman as he wanted to prepare for a deep dive on it on the Middle Class Film Class podcast.
50:00 – Eric’s next recommendation is Derek DelGaudio’s in & of Itself.
55:11 – I review the Netflix feature Malcolm & Marie.
59:54 – Eric asks how Malcolm & Marie compares to War of the Roses.
62:22  – Eric recommends the Netflix documentary ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke. Mr. Holmes is a big Cooke fan.
64:40 – Just a quick update on my goal to watch 500 movies.
65:50 – Bruce teases our next director’s spotlight – Jacques Tourneur!! Movies that will be covered include Out of the Past, Night of the Demon, and Nightfall!!
69:30 – On the latest What’s in the Box segment, Bruce reviews The Brood which currently streaming on HBO Max, Kanopy, and the Criterion Channel. Eric also has a the DVD of The Brood and recently picked up The Crash. Bruce adds that The Brood, like The Fury, has an “explosive ending.”
76:11 – Great Oliver Reed anecdote from The Brood!
77:38 – The next What’s In The Box segment is thanks to Chad Wilfong who suggested Mr. Purkey watch Mud!

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