Exclusive: ‘Starry Eyes’ Acting Lessons With Alexandra Essoe

Credit: Jay Shaw
Credit: Jay Shaw

The blood red poster for Starry Eyes pretty much says it all, as Alexandra Essoe gives a disturbingly magnetic performance as Sarah, a Hollywood starlet who will do anything to land a promising movie role.

Starry Eyes - Alex Essoe
Starry Eyes – Alex Essoe

Echoing David Lynch’s classic Mulholland Falls and Brian De Palma’s psychological thrillers from the 1970s (Sisters, Carrie), Starry Eyes is as unsettling as the day is long, and if you love creepy, haunting journeys of the soul, Starry Eyes, which is now available on VOD and iTunes, delivers the goods.

I’ve seen a ton of this year’s awards driven performances, and though she won’t receive a huge Oscar campaign push from the major studios, Alexandra Essoe’s work in Starry Eyes is one of my favorite performances this year (she certainly gives Sissy Spacek and Jamie Lee Curtis a run for their money).

Living in the fringes of Hollywood, Sarah has “starry eyes” for A-list actresses of yesteryear, as her apartment wall is adorned with pictures of some of Tinseltown’s most alluring leading ladies. To prep for the role, Alexandra Essoe used Rita Hayworth’s iconic performance in Gilda as a form of inspiration.

Sarah, desperate to see her name in lights, makes the ultimate Faustian bargain in Tinseltown, and unfortunately landing a bigtime movie role leads to a devastating transformation.

During my sit down with Alexandra Essoe, she talked about the keys of staying in the moment as an actress:

For more info on the film, please go to StaryEyesFilm.com.

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