CinemAddicts Episode 80: ‘Red Sparrow’ ‘Annihilation’ ‘Josie’ ‘I Kill Giants’

Red Sparrow
Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton in Twentieth Century Fox’s RED SPARROW. Photo Credit: Murray Close.
Great news with episode 80 on CinemAddicts, as Anderson Cowan is taking his movie Groupers on the road starting with a July 14 in Chicago! That bit of news is mentioned at the beginning of the show, Details on the rest of the program is below!!

Dylan McDermott & Sophie Turner in “Josie”

A whole bunch of stuff to cover in this episode, and I have a rough outline of the show below. The two movies I highly recommend that are coming out in March is Josie (March 16) and I Kill Giants.

I Kill Giants

Below is a rough outline of the films we discuss on the program, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to CinemAddicts on iTunes!! I am also aiming to put our podcast up on Google Play and Stitcher this month – so stay tuned!!

CinemAddicts Episode 80 Breakdown

8:29 – Anderson reviews A Futile and Stupid Gesture which is now out on Netflix

10:17 – Anderson offers up his take on The 15:17 to Paris. The words “charisma free” is included in the review.

13:50 – I review Annihilation – before we get to the review, Cowan talks about his love for Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

18:30 – I quickly review Game Night (3.5 stars) – we also continue to praise Jesse Plemons!!

20:35 – Go see The Lodgers, a gothic thriller which is available On Demand!

25:12 – My take on the misfire known as Red Sparrow.

29:39 – Thoughts on Erik Killmonger (“Black Panther”)

34:26 – I give my two cents The Leisure Seeker and it’s not good.

37:16 – Anderson has a cool hockey reporting analogy.

38:58 – We talk about the Roland Joffe feature The Forgiven. I also recount my past days as a press junketeer when I interviewed Joffe and the cast of The Scarlet Letter.

42:00 – My review of Josie, the Sophie Turner/Dylan McDermott flick which opens in theaters and On Demand March 16.

49:10 – Anderson is not excited about Tomb Raider.

50:50 – Anderson is, however, way excited for Steven Soderbergh’s next film Unsane!! Mr. Cowan also does a semi-deep dive on why he loves Soderbergh’s work!!

57:58 – We discuss Wes Anderson’s work as his movie Isle of Dogs comes out in March.

62:00 – I Kill Giants made me cry in a good way! I preferred this flick over A Monster Calls.

66:00 – Anderson Cowan gives his take on Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

68:00 – Mr. Cowan closes the show and says Lean On Pete, which stars King Jack star Charlie Plummer, is one of the March releases he’ll check out.

69:29 – I praise Phantom Thread and Anderson has a different POV (he’s seen it twice and wasn’t impressed). He describes this film as “way too subtle.” It’s my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson flick!

72:00 – Anderson Cowan is all in with A Ghost Story. We talk about the Rooney Mara pie eating scene that divides listeners in the flick.