Emmanuelle Chriqui Aims For ‘Hospitality’ But Finds Trouble In New Trailer



I’m a fan of film noirs and short running times, so I’m more than happy to report that: A. Hospitality is only 80 minutes and B. It stars Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui! I’m sold, but there are other reasons why I’m giving this film a shot . . . 

Reason 3 I’m seeing this film – I’m a sucker for people stepping out into the open via a door and/or a home (aka “The Searchers” final shot). Emmanuelle Chriqui in “Hospitality.” (YouTube screen shot)

Penned and directed by first time filmmakers Nick Chakwin and David Guglielmo, Hospitality centers on Donna (Emmanuelle Chriqui), an ex-prostitute who’s turned her brothel into a bed and breakfast. She’s also a single mom to son Jimmy (Vice Principals’ Conner McVicker) and is trying to make an honest living, but her path takes a different turn after an ex-con (True Blood alum Sam Trammell) comes knocking on her door looking for something he’s hidden in the place for two decades.


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Giving Cam whatever he’s looking for may seem like a decent exchange for Donna’s peace of mind, but a crooked cop (Teen Wolf’s JR Bourne) and another baddie (Deadwood’s Jim Beaver) poison that well even further.


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It’s an indie film, so Hospitality was obviously shot on a shoestring budget. That being said, its pulpy and film noir-ish qualities has my attention, and the only thing that threw me for a loop was Chriqui’s Southern accent (it sounds like a subtle twang). I’ll probably get used to her vocal stylings, as watching Beaver (who I really loved in Deadwood), Trammell (the most likable person in True Blood), and Chriqui attempt to survive all that inevitable bloodshed has peaked my interest.

But has it peaked yours? Check out the trailer and feel free to comment below!!!

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