DVD Review: ‘Murder At Yellowstone City’ (Thomas Jane, Gabriel Byrne)


Westerns is my favorite genre (along with film noirs), and I’m happy to report that Murder at Yellowstone City is worth a watch. The DVD is also worth a purchase due to a couple of worthwhile special features. Check out my DVD review of Murder at Yellowstone City below!

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Isaiah Mustafa in “Murder at Yellowstone City”

One of the more intriguing aspects of Murder at Yellowstone City lies in its narrative. Very few Westerns have a mystery element, and at the heart of the story lies the attempt to uncover the killer of a gold prospector (Zach McGowan).

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Running at 127 minutes, the sprawling story enables viewers to delve into the lives of a principled preacher (Thomas Jane), a haunted and embittered lawman (Gabriel Byrne) and a myserious drifter named Cicero (Isaiah Mustafa) who is accused of the killing. The ensemble also includes Anna Camp, Aimee Garcia, Tanaya Beatty, Richard Dreyfuss and Nat Wolff (and each of them get their chance to shine in the story as well).

A third act shoot out among the major players in the town is an ambitious one; I’ve seen Westerns with bigger budgets that do not have the scope of Murder at Yellowstone City. As Nat Wolff cites in the featurettes “The Making of Murder at Yellowstone City,” it took several years (actually 3.5 years!) to actually build the Wesern town in Paradise Valley, Montana.

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Along with the feature, the audio commentary features director Richard Gray, Anna Camp, screenwriter Eric Belgau, Scottie Thompson, Tanaya Beatty, Isabella Ruby and Aimee Garcia. Also included are nearly seven minutes worth of deleted scenes, one of which features a violent confronation Cicero has with several wrongdoers. This sequence would have fleshed out Cicero’s character a bit more, but I’m guessing Gray wanted to leave his story a bit more vague.

Let us know if you’re a fan of Murder at Yellowstone City!