CinemAddicts: ‘Paradise City’ Interview With Praya Lundberg And Chuck Russell

Feature, headlined by John Travolta and Bruce Willis, is out in theaters and available on Digital and On Demand.


Paradise City centers on Ryan Swan (Blake Jenner), a young man in search for the culprits who killed his bounty hunter dad (Bruce Willis). Praya Lundberg, who plays a police dective who aids Ryan in his quest, and director Chuck Russell talked about their new feature. Podcast interview with the pair (both are 1:1 chats) is featured in our post!

The interview with Praya Lundberg starts at the 11:41 mark, and she talked about working on Paradise City, her travels and exposure to different cultures, and love for the Paul Thomas Anderson feature Magnolia.

Blake Jenner and Praya Lundberg in “Paradise City” (Saban Films)

Here is a clip of Lundberg talking about working with co-stars Blake Jenner, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Stephen Dorff:

Full Interview with Praya Lundberg is up on our Deepest Dream YouTube Channel:

Praya Lundberg and Chuck Russell interviews are now up on our CinemAddicts Podcast:

One of the big reasons Chuck Russell directed Paradise City was getting the chance to pair Bruce Willis with John Travolta. Russell previously worked with Travolta in the 2016 feature I Am Wrath.

Paradise City is now out in theaters, Digital and On Demand. I dug the movie and Find Your Film co-host Bruce Purkey was entertained as well. Check out our review on the latest FYF episode:

Listen to the Praya Lundberg and Chuck Russell interviews on Apple Podcasts below!