‘Burden of Proof’ Interview With Cynthia Hill and Stephen Pandos


The HBO Original Docuseries Burden of Proof centers on Stephen Pandos’ determined search for answers over the disappearance of his sister. In 1987 Jennifer Pandos went missing with Stephen’s parents the prime suspects in her disappearance. Director/producer Cynthia Hill spent over seven years with Stephen as he attempts to find answers. My interview with Hill and Pandos is below.

Jennifer Pandos’ journal entries, letters, and a note left are among the pieces of evidence which may shed light into her disapperance. Stephen Pandos believed his parents were responsible for Jennifer’s disapperance. That accusation caused an understandable strain with his mother Margie. Pandos is estranged from his father.

Stephen Pandos – ‘Burden of Proof’ – Photo Courtesy of HBO

“Jennifer deserves her truth be told,” said Stephen Pandos. “That’s all I’m trying to do, is tell Jennifer’s truth. And hopefully justice is delivered. Some day. Somehow. I don’t get to define it. I don’t get to deliver it. I just get to do my best to see it’s done.”

Margie Pandos – ‘Burden of Proof’ – Photo courtesy of HBO

Cynthia Hill’s initial plans was to make Burden of Proof into a feature. Seven years and an open investigation has led to this four-part docuseries.

“It’s still a mystery,” said Hill. “We hope that when this series is released, that someone who does have more information will come forward. It’s obvious to me that this girl did not disappear on her own. Jennifer did not just walk out and vanish into thin air. Somebody knows what happened.”

Burden of Proof, an HBO Original Docuseries, premieres June 6 on Max. Audio and video version of the interview is below: