Blu-ray Pick: Noomi Rapace Shines In Psychological Thriller ‘Angel of Mine’

Noomi Rapace and Annika Whitley in "Angel of Mine." (LIonsgate).
Psychological thrillers, if done in a slipshod fashion, can turn downright cheesy and uninspired within a moment’s notice. Director Kim Farrant’s Angel of Mine is an elevated execution of the genre that is highlighted by Noomi Rapace’s bold and unhinged performance. The feature hit Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital this week, and it’s definitely worth a look if thrillers (and Rapace) are your cup of tea.

Noomi Rapace in “Angel of Mine.” (Lionsgate)

Lizzie (Noomi Rapace) is a woman who is trying to get her life together even though she’s understandably traumatized by her daughter’s death. Her erratic behavior leaves its mark on her son (Finn Little) and estranged husband (Luke Evans). When she starts suspecting her neighbor’s (Yvonne Strahovski) daughter is actually her own child, Lizzie will do whatever it takes to get her daughter back.

Directed by Kim Farrant, the filmmaker behind the underrated Nicole Kidman drama Strangerland, Angel of Mine is powered by a fully committed Rapace, an actress who continues to prove vulnerability is one of her greatest assets (Whatever Happened To Monday, Close). The ensemble all do a fine job at playing their respective roles, but it’s Rapace’s work as well as Farrant’s commitment at bringing depth to this seemingly B-level thriller that turns Angel of Mine into a quality viewing experience.

Click on the media bar to heare director Kim Farrant (Strangerland) on how collaborative support from the producers (Su Armstrong, Brian & John Etting) and writers (Luke Davies, David Regal) helped bring visual nuance to the storytelling behind Angel of Mine:

Special features on the Blu-ray and DVD versions include a making of Angel of Mine featurette and cast/crew interviews.