Desiree Connell and Scott B. Hansen Talk ‘Bad Candy,’ NFTs, And Indie Filmmaking

Horror anthology, starring Corey Taylor and Zach Galligan, is now available On Demand and is playing in select theaters.


The anthology horror feature Bad Candy took me by surprise, so interviewing filmmakers Desiree Connell and Scott B. Hansen was a pleasure. The talk is featured in video and podcast form below!


Radio DJs Chilly Billy (Slipknot’s Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan) spin their share of urban legends and myths that center around New Salem. These stories, however, may actually have a basis in truth . . . and horror!!

Working with an indie budget, filmmakers/writers Desiree Connell and Scott B. Hansen brought an organized vision to their otherwise freewheeling and unexpected narrative. The narrative is not afraid to push its boundaries (necrophilia anyone?), and Bad Candy’s unfiltered approach to storytelling is refreshing.

A young girl named Kyra (Riley Sutton) creates creatures that spring to life from her artwork, and that drew (excuse the pun!) my attention. That said, she is just one of many characters that anchor Bad Candy (Haley Leary is also memorable in an extremly unsavory role!).

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Non-fungible tokens are gaining momentum in the consumer and creative space, so I also asked the filmmakers their thoughts on NFTs.

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Corey Taylor in “Bad Candy” (Dread)

Bad Candy is now out On Demand and in theaters. For physical media fans, Bad Candy hits Blu-ray October 12.

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