App Life: Boom Beach Updates Features New Treasures and Ice Cold Additions



I reviewed Boom Beach for Arcade Sushi back in late March, and it’s currently the most played app on my iPad. This week’s recent update from Supercell is a total winner, as players can now build a yellow submarine to search the waters for new treasure. Whether it’s retrieving more gems, iron, or gold coins, having a submarine at your arsenal is a great addition to Supercell’s free to play title.

If you don’t have enough resources to build a submarine, not to worry. With the new update, you receive daily rewards for your various victories at seas. The game’s goal is to travel to different islands with your naval arsenal and rid various captive islands from their respective enemies. To build your armies, weaponry, as well as defend your home base, you’ll need a plethora of stone, iron, wood, and currency in your coffers, and until the update the resources were only available by winning your battles or through freemium purchases. Daily rewards, whether they’re in app form or applied to our daily lives, are always a good thing!

Boom Beach (Supercell)

Boom Beach’s appearance has also experienced a slight improvement this week, as the islands you’ll visit don’t simply center on tropical based warfare. Combat is now available on icy terrain, giving the app much needed visual dimension. Ice power stones, a new resource available to Boom Beach fans, can be collected after a victorious campaign on these lands.

Boom Beach (Supercell)

Since this is a free to play title, Boom Beach’s main goal, amidst its addicting game play, is to get you to pay for a few premiums. Considering I’ve spent countless hours building up my island and invading different islands, paying the good folks at Supercell a few of my hard earned bucks is understandable. Still, if you’re short on cash, Boom Beach is still a great app to play – even if it’s harder to conquer various territories with no money to spare.

No matter how many daily rewards you collect and resources you hoard, they will be spent financing your troops and customizing your home base. To save time and win your various battles in an expedited fashion, shelling out cash for in-app purchases is a necessary evil. But if Supercell continues to dish out excellent upgrades to Boom Beach, throwing some money at the company’s ever expanding empire is totally understandable. Until then, I’m just hoping my submarine finds enough treasures to save me a few bucks in the process.

Boom Beach (Supercell)

You can download Boom Beach at this Apple Store link.

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