Amanda Schull Loves “Philosophical Adventure” Behind ’12 Monkeys’



The futuristic, time travel series 12 Monkeys may have garnered a fan based that originally came from La Jetée enthusiasts and devotees to Terry Gilliam’s 1995 feature, but thankfully the program has carved out an entirely different identity from its predecessors.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

Part of the show’s creative success lies, according to actress Amanda Schull (“Dr. Cassandra Railly”), in the multi-layered approach to the characters. Time travel is a wonderful device if the actual people living within that world are deeply etched individuals, and 12 Monkeys is all about diving into its world.

“For each of them, there is a tragedy that has forced them to become the way that they are, (and) it also informs their actions going forward.” said Schull.

In the video below, which also features co-star Todd Stashwick (“Deacon”), Schull explains why 12 Monkeys is, in essence, a “philosophical adventure.”

12 Monkeys airs Monday evenings on SyFy.

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