VIDEO: Charity Wakefield On “Exciting” Arc Behind ‘The Player’

The Player - Pilot


One of the takeaways from tonight’s pilot episode of The Player is that amidst all the action driven moments lies a propulsive and twist driven story that could keep viewers glued to the screen. One of the show’s more mysterious characters is Cassandra (Charity Wakefield) a tech savvy collaborator of Mr. Johnson (Wesley Snipes) who keeps her motives close to the vest.

The Player - Season Pilot
ENDGAME — Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Wesley Snipes as Johnson, Charity Wakefield as Cassandra — (Photo by: Gregory E. Peters/NBC)

My guess is that Cassandra slowly warms to Alex Kane’s (Philip Winchester) heroic ethos, but for now she’s as cool as a cucumber (she and Mr. Johnson  appear nonplussed over the death of the former player).

With such an intricate subtext amidst The Player’s testosterone driven aesthetic, Wakefield is “excited” to see the framework of the series unfold. “It’s just glorious to see the new scripts come in,” says Charity Wakefield, who was previous work includes the Emmy nominated series Wolf Hall.

Click on the video below as Charity Wakefield talks about working the inspired creative team (including creator John Rogers and executive producer John Fox) of The Player.

The Player premieres tonight on NBC (10 pm et/pt). For a quick look at Cassandra’s driving skills (and her verbal dexterity!), check out the vid below:

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