Video: ‘Abby’s’ Actors Neil Flynn And Natalie Morales Share Own Bar Experiences

Years ago I frequented that was right next to my Downtown Los Angeles apartment. Abby’s has more of an outdoor, San Diego type vibe, but the sentiment is the same. In our video, Abby’s cast members Neil Flynn and Natalie Morales reflect on their own bar experiences.

ABBY’S — “Pilot” – Pictured: (l-r) Natalie Morales as Abby, Neil Flynn as Fred — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

For 25 years, Neil Flynn was involved in an improv theater that had a bar, which made it very convenient for him. Los Angeles denizen Natalie Morales loves keeping her bar experiences local. Morales wisely didn’t mention the name of her go-to place, as one of the cool parts of actually being a regular is keeping your spot a bit of a secret.

Check out the video below! I have no idea what the Amazon reference means, but it provides playful banter between Morales and Flynn.

Abby’s premieres Thursday, March 28 on NBC (9:30/8:30c).