‘They Crawl Beneath’ Interview With Michael Pare and Dale Fabrigar


Michael Pare (Streets of Fire, The Lincoln Lawyer) and director Dale Fabrigar (100 Yards) previously worked together on 2020’s Middleton Christmas. This time out they collaborate on the horror-thriller They Crawl Beneath. Armed with an indie budget, Fabrigar crafts a story that goes “beneath” the surface of a creature feature. My interview with Pare and Fabrigar is below!

They Crawl Beneath centers on Danny (Joseph Almani), a police officer who is working on an antique car with his freewheeling uncle Bill (Michael Pare). Danny is bonded to Bill’s devil may care attitude, and that is one reason he can’t commit to Gwen (Karlee Eldridge). The young man needs to grow up, and after an earthquake puts a tragic dent on his quality time with Uncle Bill, creatures from beneath threaten his very existence!

This 88-minute B-movie is enjoyable entertainment, and I am a sucker for filmmakers who are able to craft a compelling feature with very few tools at their disposal. They Crawl Beneath has creature and horror elements, but it also contains relationship drama elements. One huge chunk of the narrative centers on Danny’s last gasp attempts at survival, and director Dale Fabrigar does an effective job at keeping the tension at a fever pitch.

During the interview I asked Michael Pare about working with filmmaker Uwe Boll and how meditation enhances his creative work. Fabrigar is a fellow Filipino, so I had to ask him about if he has visited the Philippines within the last several years. I had no idea he went to Cebu to direct 100 Yards, a feature which I saw (and enjoyed watching) several years ago.

YouTube and audio version of my interview with Michael Pare and Dale Fabrigar is below:

They Crawl Beneath is now available on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment.

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