The Voice Top 11: Amy Vachal + Jordan Smith Top the Night

The Voice - Season 9

The Voice is down to the Top 11 and there were some killer performances Monday night. Let’s dig in and share some of our favorites from the latest round.

5. Madi Davis (Team Pharrell) – The teen got a chance to show off her range with the U2 favorite, “Love Is Blindness.” Starting off on the piano, Davis showed the more delicate side of the song, but as we’ve seen from U2 and Jack White’s cover of the track, there’s a big ending and Madi simply owned it. Blake called it his favorite performance of the night, and it moved her father to tears.

4. Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen) – Jeffery got the show-closing spot and showed why. His voice is unique and his ability to connect to the emotion of his material powerful. Austin performed a stripped-down version of Robyn’s dance anthem, “Dancing on My Own,” making it a moving performance that brought Gwen to tears.

3. Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake) – The teen has found her groove and Blake allowed her to use her love of bluegrass to turn a country staple into something with her own stamp. Roberts performed The Judds “Why Not Me” and made it a more bouncy, bluegrass vibe. The ease and joy that Roberts felt delivering the track came through, with a little laugh at the end.

2. Jordan Smith (Team Adam) – The perennial frontrunner is so good and his emotional connection to Jessie J’s “Who You Are” made this a standout moment during the evening. Brought to tears by his own performance and the standing ovation from the crowd, Smith nailed it. The only reason he sits at No. 2 is that this didn’t feel too much out of his wheelhouse. He’s still probably the overall favorite, but on this night, the No. 1 spot goes to the artist who took a risk with their choice.

1. Amy Vachal (Team Adam) – Vachal and her coach worked in tandem to create a jangly, bouncy arrangement out of Taylor Swift’s well-known pop hit “Blank Space.” Amy’s lilting voice worked perfectly with the arrangement and this proved to be the breakout moment she needed. Vachal owned the night with this performance, which should be an iTunes favorite.

That’s our five for the night, but who’s in danger of going home? Like last week, only one artist will say their farewell. Korin Bukowski‘s performance of Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope” was a step up from last week, but she may still be in the bottom three. Braiden Sunshine‘s rendition of Spandau Ballet’s “True” was better than expected, but we’re getting to the moment where the overall body of work needs to be looked at. And while Barrett Baber received heaps of hollerin’ from coach Blake Shelton, his reconstruction of Tanya Tucker’s “Delta Dawn” didn’t totally connect.

Did Amy Vachal rule the night on The Voice with her performance, or was Jordan Smith still the tops in your book? Or is there someone from the top 11 that we’re totally ignoring? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Tune in Tuesday at 8PM ET / PT on NBC to see the results of The Voice.

The Voice - Season 9
THE VOICE — “Live Top 11” — Pictured: Amy Vachal — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)


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