Susan Kelechi Watson On Loving ‘Coming To America’: “I’m A Big Comedy Fan”

While interviewing This Is Us actress Susan Kelechi Watson, I asked her to name one of her favorite films. Check out the video below as she explains why Coming To America is a near perfect film!

Directed by John Landis, the 1988 feature has Eddie Murphy playing an African prince who travels to New York to find himself a queen (in, of course, Queens!). Arsenio Hall and Shari Headley co-star in the feature.

“(Coming To America is) something I can watch over and over again – I’m a big comedy fan,” said Susan Kelechi Watson. “As you can tell from (This Is Us)! I love something that never gets old and there’s something about when comedy is done well. You can say the same things over and over again and it’s still funny.”

Check out Watson’s full comments on Coming To America:

Is Coming To America one of your favorite comedies? Feel free to comment below!

THIS IS US — “R & B” — Pictured: Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

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