Penguin Random House Gives A Peek Behind Its Studio

On Thursday, December 11 an open house at Penguin Random House Audio Studio was held.  Invitations went out to journalists, bloggers, librarians, and reading enthusiasts to attend the several hour event at the studio, located within the confines of California’s San Fernando Valley.



Participants were given a tour of the recording studios and the chance to listen to audiobook recordings conducted by narrators Cassandra Campbell (she read a section of Kate Walcott’s novelA Touch of Stardust” which comes out February ’15) and Kirby Heyborne (he read a selection from Jennifer Niven’s upcoming YA title “All The Bright Places”).

In the following clip, Kirby Heyborne talks about the importance of being prepared as a narrator (for more info on Heyborne, please go to

Bestselling novelist Jonathan Kellerman was also on hand to sign copies of the audiobook version of Killer. In the clip below, Kellerman talks about the importance of audiobooks in regards to his work. He also praises actor John Rubinstein, who has narrated much of Kellerman’s audiobooks.

My longest conversation came with Cassandra Campbell (Twitter handle: @campbell_cass), and she talked about how her theater experience as well as being an avid reader helped shape her own narrating skills (Campbell was in the recording booth during the interview).

Having worked at Westwood One for nearly 15 years, I know a thing or two about the radio business. My comforts, however, lie in interviewing people and writing, so getting the chance to read a section of Gone Girl in the recording booth was a surreal and nerve wracking experience.

I stammered, hemmed, and hawed my way through two pages of Gillian Flynn’s razor sharp writing, and I was more than happy that, even though I did a poor job behind the mic, I actually gave it a shot.

After stuffing my face with a delicious lasagna cupcake (lunch was catered by Heirloom LA), I was homeward bound, realizing that listening to a good story, whether it’s in a recording booth or in the comforts of your car, is a beautiful thing.

For more info on Random House Audio, please go to their official site.

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