Movies Anywhere Elevates Viewing Experience With ‘Watch Together’

Building up your digital movie library is fine and dandy, but sharing that experience with your friends and loved ones should also be a priority (this coming from a mainly solitary movie watcher!). Movies Anywhere has just premiered a new feature called Watch Together where up to 9 people can enjoy a synced co-viewing of your favorite films!

With the Movies Anywhere app, you can have a seamless viewing experience via mobile, the web, and most connected smart TVs. Participants in this Watch Together feature can also react to content in real-time with the use of emojis.

There are no added fees to conduct Watch Together, but the host and each guest must have purchased, redeemed a digital code, or accepted a Screen Pass for the selected movie for everything to go smoothly! Screen Pass is currently in Beta Mode, and under this feature users can invite up to 3 guests for the Watch Together experience.

Have you used Movies Anywhere and will you try this Watch Together addition? I’m a new Digital movie user myself, and I’m part of the Screen Pass Beta users. Share your comments on Movies Anywhere below!

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