Movie Love: Haley Lu Richardson’s Favorite Film Is ‘Inside Out’

During the Support The Girl interviews, we asked co-stars Haley Lu Richardson and Shayna McHayle about their favorite films. Haley’s pick was Inside Out and Shayna had an interesting non-choice. Check out the video below!

Shayna McHayle, Haley Lu Richardson, AJ Michalka and John Elvis in SUPPORT THE GIRLS, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

“My favorite movie is Inside Out,” said Haley Lu Richardson. “I have probably like 5 (films) tied but that one is the first one. I just like movies that me cry the whole time and make me want to be a better person afterwards.” Shayna McHayle didn’t name a movie in her answer, but she did offer up a nice pop culture reference with her Hey Arnold! choice:

Are you a fan of Inside Out? What do you think of Richardson’s choice (or maybe you also dig Hey Arnold!? Feel free to offer up your opinions in our comment section!

Support The Girls, headlined by Regina Hall, opens in select theaters August 24.

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