Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote Talk Writing Deadline For ‘The Wrath of Becky’


The great news of The Wrath of Becky is that it’s a worthy sequel to the original. Lulu Wilson was terrific in the titular role, and she continues that momentum with The Wrath of Becky. Filmmakers Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote talked to CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes about the sequel, which was penned in just three and a half weeks!

Taking place two years after the events of Becky, The Wrath of Becky has the titular protagonist (Lulu Wilson) living with with a kindhearted elderly woman (Denise Burse). Becky works at a local diner, and her evenings are spent with her dog Diego and playing scrabble with Elena.

Michael Sirow as Anthony and Matt Angel as Sean in the action/thriller/horror The Wrath of Becky, a Quiver Distributon release. Photo courtesy of Quiver Distribution.

White supremecists called the Noble Men (Michael Sirow, Matt Angel, Aaron Dalla Villa) attack Elena’s residence. Becky, all of 16, is focused on revenge even if the odds are stacked against her. Sean William Scott is Darryl, the leader of this faction, with Courtney Gains playing his right-hand man Twig.

Check out our review of The Wrath of Becky (we all loved it fyi!) on episode 191 of CinemAddicts:

It’s a lean and at times comical action thriller that is well balanced by fimmakers Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. With two features (The Open House, Hypnotic) under their belt, the directors know how to craft an engaging narrative.

The biggest surprise behind The Wrath of Becky centers on achieving deadlines. Matt Angel penned The Wrath of Becky in three and a half weeks, with Coote receiving a story credit.

Writers can spend years honing or even writing a screenplay. Three and a half weeks sounds impossible from this outsider’s point of view. Thus, having a deadline has a ton of value!

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The Wrath of Becky is now playing in theaters.