John Rhys-Davies Confronts The Undead In ‘Soldier of War’ Trailer

John Rhys-Davis in "Soldier of War." (Uncork'd Entertainment)
John Rhys-Davis, a revered character actor best known for his work in The Lord of the Rings films and two Indiana Jones flicks, is part of another fantastical plot (of an undead origin) with Soldier of War. Trailer is below!

After the entrance to a military bunker hidden since World War II is discovered, an undead soldier goes on a killing spree, leaving the authorities and locals prey to this ravenous murderer. As seen from the trailer, John Rhys-Davies plays a guy who may know the true origins of the killer and how to stop him. Directed by John Adams, the feature co-stars Rosie Fellner and Tanya Franks. For his work in the flick, Rhys-Davies was honored with an Eerie Film Festival Award at the Eerie Horror Fest. The film’s original moniker was Aux for international markets, and it hits VOD March 3rd and April 9th on DVD via Uncork’d Entertainment. 

It’s great seeing Rhys-Davies, who turns 75 this year, continue to work in film, and hopefully this low budget feature will have its share of attributes. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!


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