Haley Lu Richardson Talks ‘The Bronze’ & Gymnastics Passion

Haley Lu Richardson as Maggie Photo by Alicia Gbur, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics


Opening in select theaters Friday, The Bronze is an acerbic (and funny) comedy which centers on Hope (Melissa Ann Rauch), a bronze medalist whose Olympic days are now a distant memory. Living in Amherst, Ohio, a jaded Hope gets a shot at redemption as she coaches Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson), a talented gymnast who is shooting for the gold medal.

During interviews for The Bronze, Haley Lu Richardson explained that her dancing background didn’t exactly prepare her for the physical rigors of making the film.

“The form is so different,” said Richardson, who will also be seen opposite James McAvoy in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming thriller. “Gymnasts are very strong and tight and compact and quick with their movements and dancers are long and fluid. So it was really hard for me not to have ballet arms while I was running and doing cartwheels. So yeah that was harder than I thought but it was really fun. And I got in better shape!”

In the audio clip below, Richardson talks about her love for gymnastics (in particular Shawn Johnson)

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