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‘Goosebumps’ Star Dylan Minnette Has Music On His Mind

‘Goosebumps’ Star Dylan Minnette Has Music On His Mind


If you’re an R.L. Stine enthusiast or just a fan of spooky (and highly entertaining) family films, then Goosebumps should do the trick. Lead actor Dylan Minnette, who plays a teenager who unwittingly unleashes R.L. Stine’s (Jack Black) fictional monsters onto an unsuspecting town, may have a ton of momentum with his acting career, but he’s also “passionate” about nurturing a music career.

Minnette is the lead singer and a guitarist for The Narwhalsand last year the outfit released an EP (the lead single, “I’m Full,” is instantly catchy – in a good way). During the Goosebumps interviews, the actor talked about his work with The Narwhals:

“I’m in a band. And I’m very, very passionate about it and serious about it, so I would love for that to be my career. I’m just working towards that slowly but surely. It’s a very hard industry I’m just figuring everything out as I go. I hope in five years we’re doing something that’s serious. We’ll see what happens. If that didn’t work out, I would probably go to school and study music engineering, music producing – things like that, yeah.”

Click on the clip below to hear the audio version of Minnette’s comments:

In the video below, Goosebumps co-star Jack Black introduced The Narwhals before their performance (he also sang the awesome song “Encarnacion” from Nacho Libre during the intro). You can also hear the group’s song “I’m Full,” in the vid.

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