FYF Reviews: ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ Dario Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ And ‘Dial Code Santa Claus’

GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “WONDER WOMAN 1984,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Clay Enos, DC Comics
On the latest episode of Find Your Film we cover Dario Argento’s classic thriller Deep Red. I also review Wonder Woman 1984, the disappointing sequel to Wonder Woman. If you’re looking for a Christmas flick, Bruce Purkey recommends Dial Code Santa Claus!!


If you are a fan of suspense thrillers, I highly recommend Deep Red. Directed by Dario Argento, the feature should appeal to folks who love the works of Brian De Palma and Alfred Hitchcock. There is a paranormal element to it as well, and although I am a bigger fan of Suspiria, Deep Red was a first rate watch for me (I’m looking forward to rewatching the picture to catch all the details I missed).

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day. As a huge fan of the original, this sequel was a huge disappointment.

Eric Holmes’ made his interviewing debut by teaming up with Bruce Purkey on a couple of Max Cloud interviews. After talking to Max Cloud actor Elliot James Langridge, he went on to watch Northern Soul, We The Kings, and Killers Anonymous (he loved ’em all!).

I can definitely vouch for Killers Anyonymous, and I’m really looking forward to checking out Northern Soul. Check out the Max Cloud interviews here:

Bruce Purkey comes up with another gem, and this one is perfect for Christmas. He describes Dial Code Santa (aka Deadly Games) as a combination of Die Hard and Home Alone! It’s currently streaming on Shudder.

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Find Your Film Show Breakdown
:34 – No time off for Bruce Purkey!
:41 – Eric Holmes can’t go to work for a couple weeks – currently sheltering in place and working on his board game.
2:09 – Bruce Purkey interviewed the Justin G. Dyck, the director of Anything for Jackson. That talk should be on our podcast feed in a couple of days!
3:18 – If you didn’t know, I’m a horrible journalist!!
5:19 – I’m forcing Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey to watch The Great Silence directed by Sergio Corbucci. The feature is beloved by Quentin Tarantino and is one of the inspirations behind The Hateful Eight.
7:47 – Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey give their thoughts on Wonder Woman.
8:19 – My review of Wonder Woman 1984, a feature that was supremely disappointing (I loved Wonder Woman btw).
16:47 – Eric Holmes anchors the Movie Rewind Segment starting with Northern Soul. Film reminded him of a “good version of Footloose with a little Boogie Nights” sprinkled in. It stars Elliot James Langridge, who Eric and Bruce interviewed for Max Cloud.
19:37 – Eric’s second movie rewind is Killers Anonymous a movie that I also love (it co-stars Elliot James Langridge as well). He adds that if you like Bad Times at the El Royale, you’ll likely dig this one.
23:40 – Eric Holmes talks about the Mario Bava feature Black Sabbath.
27:55 – All of us review/discuss Dario Argento’s beloved feature Deep Red.
29:12 – Eric was not an immediate fan of Giallo Cinema.
29:42 – Bruce on the first time he saw Deep Red.
33:38 – Bruce on what makes Deep Red a special film. Purkey also talks about why Argento wanted to employ the deaths in the film in a relatable fashion.
36:00 – Eric talks about the creepy extras in Deep Red.
40:53 – Bruce’s first movie recommendation this week is Wolfwalkers. “I loved it so, so much” – said Purkey.
44:43 – Wolfwalkers features the voice of Honor Kneafsey, whose credits include The Bookshop and Legacy of Lies.
45:50 – We continue the Elliot James Langridge train as Eric recommends We The Kings which he describes as “pretty gripping.” Both Eric and Bruce praise Elliot James Langridge as an actor.
50:38 – Thank to a mention from Middle Class Film Class, Bruce checked out and loved Dial Code Santa Clause (aka Deadly Games). Movie is a cross between Home Alone and Die Hard.
56:27 – I asked Bruce which film he’s buy on Blu-ray first – Road Games or Dial Code Santa Clause.
57:40 – Eric’s biggest recommendation is The Headhunter which is streaming on Shudder.
63:55 – Bruce’s “What’s In The Box” segment has him reviewing The Lives of Others. Purkey says the film reminds him of Fahrenheit 451.
70:04 – For next week’s “What’s In The Box,” Bruce Purkey will review The Company of Wolves. Thank you Jezpurr Quinn for the selection!!
71:24 – The movie I wanted to select for “What’s in The Box” is Rams.
73:35 – Eric Holmes implored everyone to watch The Head-Hunter!!
74:15 – We’d love to hear your thoughts on Wonder Woman 1984!! Hit us up on info@findyourseen.com!

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