Fortune Feimster And Dulcé Sloan Talk ‘Chick Fight’ And Expanding Creative Horizons

The comics also talk about being podcasters (Sincerely Fortune, That Blackass Show) during the interview.



Chick Fight co-stars Fortune Feimster and Dulcé Sloan are stand-up comics who are, in essence, versatile artists. Both of them have spearheaded their own podcasts (Sincerely Fortune and That Blackass Show), and they talked to Deepest Dream about how comedy is just part of their repertoire.

San Juan, PR–Filming of Chick Fight starring Malin Akerman, Dulcé Sloan, Bela Thorne, among others. Directed by Paul Leyden. Director of photography: Steve Halleran. Photos: Laura Magruder.

Chick Fight centers on Anna Wyncomb (Malin Akerman), a woman who rejuvenates her stagnant life after joining an all-female fight club. Her best friend Charleen (Dulcé Sloan) introduces Anna to this new world, which is populated by welcoming colleague named Bear (Fortune Feimster) and an intimidating warrior named Olivia (Bella Thorne).

Shot in Puerto Rico before sheltering in place was the new normal, Chick Fight co-stars Alec Baldwin, Kevin Connolly, and wrestling star Kevin Nash. I enjoyed the lighthearted comedy and overall theme behind Chick Fight (Akerman also produced the feature), and I’m also a subsriber to Feimster’s Sincerley Fortune (any podcaster that has their mother on the show is a plus!) and Sloan’s That Blackass Show (an engaging and ultimately integral look at black shows that have shaped culture).

02/01/2020 San Juan, PR–Filming of Chick Fight satrring Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne and Dulce Sloan among others. Directed by Paul Leyden and lensed y Steve Holleran. Photos: Laura Magruder

Timecodes for the interview are on the YouTube video as well, but here is the breakdown for good measure:

0:22 – Fortune and Dulcé on working in Puerto Rico before coronavirus led to a sheltering in place climate.
1:25 – Dulcé on being a fan of co-star (and wrestler) Kevin Nash
3:01 – Fortune Feimster and Dulcé Sloan discuss their diverse careers
5:26 – Favorite movies: Fortune loves The Sound of Music and Dulcé reflects on Corrina, Corrina.

02/04/2020 San Juan, PR– Filming of the movie Chick Fight starring Malin Akerman and Dulce Sloane among others. Directed by Paul Leyden, Director of Photography Steve Halleran.

Chick Fight is now in theaters and is available on Digital and On Demand.

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