‘Chick Fight’ Interview: Malin Akerman And Bella Thorne Discuss Driven Natures And Producing

Produced by Malin Akerman, Chick Fight hits theaters, digital and On Demand November 13.

Malin Akerman stars and produces Chick Fight, the story of a woman who joins an all-female fight club to bring a bit of strength into her life. The comedy, which features its share of fights and laughs, is also an ennervating look at taking action in one’s life. During the Zoom interview, Akerman and co-star Bella Thorne discuss what motivates them and how producing is an integral aspect of their careers.

Bella Thorne & Malin Akerman in Chick Fight (Quiver Distribution)

Anna Wyncomb (Malin Akerman) is in need of some career and life rejuvenation and thanks to her best friend Charleen (Dulcé Sloan) she joins an all-female fight club. Bella Thorne is Olivia, the top fighter in the club, and pretty soon she has her sights set on destroying Anna in the ring. Alec Baldwin iss the trainer who helps Anna learn how to literally take a hit and punch back.

During the interview, Akerman said that it’s all about giving it your “best shot” in life (no pun intended!). “Sometimes it comes out of a survival mode of . . . I didn’t grow up with much and I wouldn’t have noticed it as a child, but I had a certain drive that I wanted to do something bigger than just being a waitress in my hometown,” said Akerman, whose credits include Billions and Watchmen. “I had a lot of women who were mentors who were just so self aware and powerful in their own right and had their own businesses going and took their own lives in their own hands. Seeing that as a possibility as a woman was a really big drive for me.”

Working since she was eight, Thorne understands that with all of her ambition and hard work ethic, a time for a breather may be necessary. “What keeps me focused is my drive for more and more and more,” said Thorne who is also a producer and director. ‘Sometimes I say ‘Hey Bella, you wanna just take a second? Maybe you don’t need to do all of those things. Maybe you could chill for a minute.’ And I had to constantly remind myself of that because actually that drive that I am blessed to have – that drive that has taken me from the place that I was in Florida to here, it’s also a drive that can kind of be consuming and a little dangerous.” 

“At some points in my life I think it takes over a bit too much, and sometimes I need to take it back a little bit and listen to my body and what my body needs. Because my mind wants to work a million hours a night and never f**king sleep,” added Thorne. “My body is playing catch up with me all the time and I already feel like I’m in my early 40s and I’m 23. I feel like all my bones hurt so much and everything is creaking in me and everything in my body needs to be all oiled up. All these joints . . . I don’t know man, I’m trying to find different structure because my drive and all of that is a little intense.”

02/03/2020 San Juan, PR– Filming of the movie Chick Fight starring Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne ans Dulce Sloane among others. Directed by Paul Leyden, Director of Photography Steve Halleran.

Chick Fight hits theaters, Digital and On Demand November 13. My full interview with Malin Akerman (so glad I was able to quickly comment about my love for To The Stars!) and Bella Thorne is below:

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