Flick City: Mia Goth Talks ‘Blue Valentine’ And ‘Summer With Monika’

I’ve tried different iterations in the past, but I’ll be using the name “Flick City” from here on out. Basically, I’ll be posting audio and video of filmmakers/actors/human beings discussing and recommending their all time favorite movies. First up is Mia Goth, who was seen last year in Suspiria and will be featured in the upcoming sci-fi feature High Life.

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Mia Goth as Sara and Dakota Johnson as Susie star in Suspiria. Photo Credit: Alessio Bolzoni; Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The transcript and audio is taken from an interview conducted by my colleague Angela Dawson (her profile on Goth can be found on her site Front Row Features).


“The first thing that came to my mind when you said that was Blue Valentine. That’s one of my favorite films. I love how honest it is. I love how much of a character study it is into these two people. I think they’re (Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling) both fantastic actors. Then, what else? The Big Lebowski. The Shining. But also there’s so many films out there. I feel like no matter how many you get to watch there is a whole library out there – so I’m constantly trying to keep up and play catch up, really.

We (she and Suspiria director Luca Guadagnino) watched Summer with Monika and that’s one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. So now I want to watch all of Ingmar Bergman’s films. I’m kind of going through his list.”

Audio version:

The Big Lebowski is one of my all-time favorites and I also, of course, dug The Shining. I haven’t checked out Blue Valentine and Summer with Monika, and unfortunately I’ve seen zero Bergman movies. What do you think of the films Goth selected? Are they some of your favorites? Feel free to comment below, as one of the goals of CinemAddicts is to talk about movies ad nauseam!!

Goth’s next film, High Life, hits theaters April 12.