Flick City Episode 20: ‘Flannery’ Directors Elizabeth Coffman And Mark Bosco, ‘The Sunlit Night’ Writer Rebecca Dinerstein Knight

"Flannery," a documentary on Flannery O'Connor, and "The Sunligt NIght" come out on July 17.

A still from the animated adaptation of O’Connor’s short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find;” animation by Natalie Barahona
On the latest episode of Flick City, I cover the documentary Flannery and the Jenny Slate headlined feature The Sunlit Night. Interviews with Flannery filmmakers Elizabreth Coffman and Mark Bosco, along with a chat with The Sunlit Night writer Rebecca Dinestein Knight, are featured in the episode.
Flannery O’Connor in the driveway at Andalusia, 1962. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Joe McTyre) MARIETTA DAILY OUT; GWINNETT DAILY POST OUT; LOCAL TV OUT (WXIA, WGCL, Fox 5)

Opening in virtual theaters July 17, Flannery centers on the life and work of acclaimed writer Flannery O’Connor. Directed by Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco, the documentary delivers an insightful and engaging look at strong willed and talented scribe. Narrated by Mary Steenburgen and featuring interviews with Mary Karr, Hilton Als, Alice Walker, Tommy Lee Jones, and Conan O’Brien, the project inspired me to buy my first ever O’Connor book (translation: I loved the doc!).

For information on the Flannery screenings go check out its calendar. Several in-depth discussions on Flannery O’Connor’s work will be spotlighted in “The Modern Consciousness: A Flannery Discussion Series,” and you can check out more information on this project (which complements the doc) in Flannery’s official Facebook page.

Jenny Slate in “The Sunlit Night” (Quiver Distribution)

Based on the novel by Rebecca Dinerstein Knight, The Sunlit Night centers on a painter (Jenny Slate) from New York City who finds inspiration during her journey to Norway. Knight also adapted the screenplay to the feature, which co-stars Zach Galifianakis as a Viking re-enactor (the guy is actually from Cincinnati and not Norway) and Alex Sharp plays a fellow New Yorker who is visiting Norway to give his father a proper Viking funeral.

Running at 82 minutes, The Sunlit Night is a resonant coming of age film that is worth a look (especially if you’re a fan of Slate). The narrative is also, though short, well developed and refreshingly idiosyncratic. The feature comes out on VOD July 17.

My full interviews with Elizabeth Coffman, Mark Bosco, and Rebecca Dinerstein Knight are available for our CinemaAddicts Patreon backers.

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