Find Your Film Pick: Top Tier Action Thriller ‘Escape From Mogadishu’ Is Rooted In Reality

Feature, which is representing South Korea at the 2022 Academy Awards in the Best International Feature category, is now out on Digital.


Filmmaker Ryoo-Seung-wan’s Escape From Mogadishu is now out on Digital, and this epic action film received recommendations from all three of us at the Find Your Film podcast. Eric Holmes gives the feature a “strong recommendation,” with Bruce and I also sharing that same opinion. The feature is representing South Korea at the 2022 Academy Awards in the best international feature category. Our full review and podcast episode is below!

Escape From Mogadishu – WELL GO USA Entertainment

Based on a true story, Escape From Mogadishu centers on the decision of South and North Korean diplomats to team together and escape the 1990s Somali Civil War. With killings and unrest raging in Mogadishu, these diplomats and their famiiles must put their differences aside to rely on each other and hopefully escape the area with their lives.

Filmmaker Ryoo Seung-wan delivers a ton of action and some occasional humor to this engrossing narrative, and this is one of my favorite films of 2021. Running at 121 minutes, the feature is also a well executed drama, as viewers are immediately sympathetic to the plight of these understandably shaken individuals.

Escape From Mogadishu – WELL GO USA Entertainment

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Our full review of Escape From Mogadishu is below.

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