Emily Deschanel Discusses “Bones” & Its Longevity

The season 10 finale of Bones airs tonight on FOX (8 pm et/pt), as Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are hunting down a killer whose methods are similar to late serial killer Pelant (Andrew Leeds).

During a recent interview, Emily Deschanel reflected on the show’s creative diversity

“There’s so many different factors. I think that people are probably attracted to certain things about our show. I think certain people are attracted to it for different reasons. Some people like the dead bodies and the forensics and solving a crime. And having a puzzle solved by the end of the episode. Some people like the character relationships and some people like the dramatic aspects of the show and some people like the comedic aspects.”

In the Soundcloud media bar below, Emily Deschanel also credits the writer for balancing the shifting tones of Bones, an unpredictability that has certainly drawn in viewers over the years (in the clip, she mentions the death of one of the show’s favorite characters – Lance Sweets):


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