Directing 101: ‘Parallel’ Filmmaker Isaac Ezban On Making Fast Decisions And Casting Kathleen Quinlan

Isaac Ezban also discusses why putting your money in visual storytelling (production design, special effects) is an integral aspect of crating a movie.



Released last month and now available On Demand, Parallel ceners on a group of struggling entrepreneurs who stumble upon a mirror that is a portal to a “multiverse.” Director Isaac Ezban seamlessly infuses his time travel thriller with a touch of Giallo cinema and formalistic storytelling. With all of Parallel’s creative flourishes (all within a modest budget), it’s easy to see that Ezban is a diehard cinephile. He talks about his approach to indie filmmaking, working with Oscar nominated actress Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13), and his love for Alejandro Amenabar’s Open Your Eyes and The Others.

A time travel thriller with deliciouslyu dark underpinnings, Parallel is described by director Isaac Ezban as a “character drama with hints of sci-fi.” He also said his film, if one were to be sold on movie comparisons, as “Flatliners meets The Social Network.”

Shot in just 23 days, Ezban had a limited budget to work with but was still able to craft an immersive and visually compelling story. Although the picture co-stars Quinlan, most of the budget was spent on elevating the feature’s production design and special effects. “It’s about spending your money on what can be seen,” said Ezban.

Bruce Purkey, Eric Holmes and I review Parallel on the Find Your Film podcast: 

Full breakdown of the interviefw is below, and one of the logical pieces of advice Ezban gives to filmmakers is to have the ability to make fast decisions (especially when working with an indie budget).

Parallel Interview With Director Isaac Ezban
:18 – On the multi-layered themes behind Parallel.
2:47 – Getting Kathleen Quinlan for the Giallo infused opening of the movie. Isaac is a big fan of her work (which includes The Hills Have Eyes and Event Horizon). He calls her “super gifted.”
5:27 – Isaac Ezban on bringing a value added production design with an indie budget. The picture took just 23 days to shoot.
8:22 – Issac on his own weekly movie watching and expanding his own cinematic language.
10:58 – On if there is a command thread in his movies.
12:48 – On being impressed by the Alejandro Amenabar movies Open Your Eyes And The Others. He also mentions the M. Night Shyamalan movies The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

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