Find Your Film Reviews ‘Nomadland,’ ‘The Reason I Jump’ and ‘The Cat O’ Nine Tails’

Co-host Bruce Purkey also reviews Chloé Zhao's "The Rider" and "Songs My Brother Taught Me." Eric Holmes flips for "Luz: Flower of Evil."

On the latest Find Your Film podcast we review Nomadland and The Reason I Jump, two cinematic experiences that are infused with humanism and first rate storytelling. Nomadland is my #1 feature of 2020, and The Reason I Jump is a documentary that is highly recommended by all of us. Take a listen to our episode, and a show breakdown is included!

Frances McDormand and Director/Writer Chloé Zhao on the set of NOMADLAND. Photo by Joshua James Richards. © 2020 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved

Nomadland, penned and written by Chloé Zhao, centers on Fern (Frances McDormand), a widow who leaves her rural Nevada town to hit the road. Fern journeys from place to place, picking up season jobs here and there while also making friends along the way.

The feature continues Zhao’s passion for America as a myth and hard fought reality, and co-host Bruce Purkey delves into the director’s previous movies (The Rider, Songs My Brother Taught Me) on the episode. After a brief run in December for awards consideration, Nomadland comes out February 19, 2021 via Searchlight Pictures.

“The Reason I Jump” (Kino Lorber)

Now playing in virtual cinemas nationwide, The Reason I Jump centers on five nonspeaking autistic young people from all over the world. Based on the bestselling book by Naoki Higashida and directed by Jerry Rothwell, the documentary is an affecting and insightful documentary that, for lack of a better word, is a sublime experience.

I’ll be checking out the Blu-ray features of The Cat o’ Nine Tails very soon!

Other films covered on the podcast include Cut Throat City and Luz: The Flower of Evil and The Cat O’ Nine Tails (in keeping with our FYF mission of reviewing a Giallo flick every week). For his “What’s in the Box” segment, Bruce Purkey reviews the feature Wild Style. If you have any movie recommendations for Bruce for his segment email him at or hit him up on his Rustomire movie channel.

Find Your Film episode breakdown and audio for our podcast is below!!

Find Your Film January 8, 2021
0:00 – Along with this weekly recommendation episode, we have also recorded a director’s spotlight on Oscar Micheaux.
0:50 – We are covering Nomadland and The Reason I Jump for our main reviews.
1:49 – If he were a flower, Eric Holmes would be a ragweed!
3:19 – “Spoiler alert, (Oscar Micheaux) is pretty f**king good.” – Eric Holmes
3:50 – Earlier this Monday, Bruce Purkey saw four movies in one day.
4:50 – I’ve decided, for the third time, to go for watching 500 movies. I failed twice before and hopefully the third time’s the charm!
6:21 – No movie rewinds for this week!
7:00 – Check out Bruce Purkey’s Top 25 of 2020 on his Rustomire YouTube movie channel.
7:59 – Nomadland review
10:33 – “I love this movie – it’s spectacular” – Bruce Purkey.
9:50 – “I liked the world that it showed us and the performances were great” – Eric Holmes
11:30 – That said, Nomadland is a film that Eric won’t watch time and time again. This will be a repeat watch for me as I love the reality and wanderlust behind the film.
13:39 – “I think Into the Wild wanted to be this movie.” – Purkey.
14:06 – Bruce has entertained doing what Fern does in Nomadland if faced with that option.
20:02 – We review The Reason I Jump which is now playing in virtual cinemas.
21:20 – “This is one I will be watching over and over again” – Holmes who also elaborates on why it’s great to show to kids.
24:47 – Bruce describes The Reason I Jump and compares it to Sound of Metal.
29:43 – Eric elaborates on the “value added” nature of The Reason I Jump (“this movie could change your life)
33:40 – Bruce’s first recommendation is director Chloe Zhao’s The Rider.
38:40 – Bruce talks about the Americana theme behind Zhao’s films.
42:30 – Chloe Zhao’s next film is The Eternals and we discuss the feature’s prospects!
44:40 – Eric Holmes talks about Cop Car and Klown director Jon Watts,the director from the last couple of Spider Man movies.
45:18 – Bruce Purkey also loved Klown, so we’ll definitely be talking about Klown in a future FYF episode (once I do my job and watch it!).
49:09 – Eric’s first recommendation is Cut Throat City which is directed by RZA and stars T.I.,  Wesley Snipes and Ethan Hawke. Although he gives the movie a light recommendation, he appreciates the growth of RZA as a filmmaker.
54:51 – Bruce rounds out his Chloe Zhao recommendations with Songs My Brother Taught Me.
62:00 – A bit more comic book vs. auteur discussion from us three.
65:39 – I recommend the Dario Argento feature The Cat O’Nine Tails.
71:50 – Eric highly recommends Luz: The Flower Evil.
79:00 – Bruce’s “What’s in the Box” segment has him reviewing The Wild Style which was chosen by Brian O’Connell. Thank you Brian!!!
86:33 – For next week, Bruce Purkey will review A Matter of Life and Death.
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