Dave Moisan, Michael Sanchez Wow in Night 2 of The Voice Battle Rounds


As typically happens, the Tuesday editions of The Voice run an hour instead of two, which means much more scrambling to get things in. But the second night of The Voice Battle Rounds found Teams Alicia, Blake and Miley advancing performers, while Team Adam remained active with a key steal. Plus, sadly, a trio of performers got montaged. So let’s dig in and see what happened on Night 2 of The Voice Battle Rounds.

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Team Miley

The night’s first pairing matched up bluesy singer Lane Mack with belter Sophia Urista. Given both singers have a wilder, more rock side, Miley gives the pair the Pink Floyd classic “Money.” Advisor Joan Jett suggests that they both build to a climax on the song rather than going full vocal early. Sophia starts a little shaky, but Lane at times goes over the top, while Sophia begins to settle in. This performance as a whole has some flaws, but the coaches offer their compliments. Adam leans a little more to Sophia, Blake leans toward Lane. Alicia says it’s a tough choice, but she would go with Sophia. Miley has good feedback for both, but feels like she would be a better guide for Sophia.

It should also be noted that two of Miley’s Battles ended up getting the montage treatment, with Josette Diaz edging out Charity Bowden and Maye Thomas besting Khaliya Kimberlie, essentially knocking out the two female country-leaning vocalists on Miley’s team. The third montaged battle found Team Adam’s Ponciano Seoane taking down Elia Esparza to advance. Watch bits of all three battles below.

Team Blake

Courtney Harrell was one of the standouts during the Blind Auditions, while her counterpart, Ethan Tucker, provided one of the more unique voices in the competition with a reggae-tinged rasp. But how would they do together?  Blake called in the vocalists and had them take a run at “Gravity” by John Mayer. Bette Midler suggests changing the key for Courtney, and it does wonders in bringing Ethan and Courtney together musically. She also notices the pair are not connecting onstage and suggests they hold hands while singing. Right out of the gate, Ethan’s tone catches everyone’s ear, but each vocalist in their own right makes the song their own. In all honesty, Ethan made this pairing closer than we imagined it would be initially. Alicia compliments both, but gives no nod either way. Miley loves Ethan’s voice and loves Courtney, but leans toward Ethan. Adam thinks they both sounded great together, leaving Blake with little input. He admits he regrets pairing them together because they were both so great. He agonizes over the choice, but eventually chooses Courtney. Surprisingly, there is no steal for Ethan who delivered one of the night’s standout performances.

Team Alicia

Finishing out the night, it’s Team Alicia’s turn pairing up the higher registered vocals of Dave Moisan with the surprisingly smooth and deeper voice of Michael Sanchez. She gives them the song “Valerie” by The Zutons which seems to be the perfect middle point for their voices. Alicia even suggests an arrangement switch that brings out their voices even more and even has the idea to let them both play piano on the song, alternating back and forth. Simply put, both are smooth as can be, while providing distinctly different ranges. And the piano trade-off comes off as playful and entertaining. Miley loved the show, Adam admits to feeling like Michael won the battle and came as a complete surprise and Blake felt that Michael was the performance of the day. Alicia felt it was amazing and it is a difficult choice, but she surprises everyone and picks Michael. But to no one’s surprise, Adam jumps in to steal Dave.

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: Michael Sanchez -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
THE VOICE — “Battle Rounds” — Pictured: Michael Sanchez — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

And that’s it for Night 2 of The Voice Battle Rounds. Where did the singers from this episode rank? Check out our picks below.

4. Sophia Urista (Team Miley)
3.Courtney Harrell (Team Blake)
2.Dave Moisan (Team Adam)
1. Michael Sanchez (Team Alicia)

Come back next Monday as The Voice Battle Rounds continue at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.