Exclusive: ‘Priceless’ Actor David Koechner On Why Comics Excel In Drama


One of the surprise takeaways from Priceless is David Koechner’s dramatic performance as Dale, a principled and brave man who helps James (Joel Smallbone) in his mission to save two women (Bianca Santos, Amber Midthunder) from a sex trafficking ring.

During the TV interviews for Priceless, I asked Koechner why many comedians make a seamless transition to drama. Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Jerry Lewis, and Will Ferrell (check out the underrated Stranger Than Fiction) are just a few to excel in both genres, and Koechner shows that dramatic acting is also part of his creative arsenal. Check out his answer after the jump.

David Koechner in "Priceless."
David Koechner in “Priceless.”

“I think musicians make great actors because they have such control of their instrument. And perhaps comics and comedians make a good transition to drama because they’re in touch with their emotions and they’re in touch with their pain.

And oftentimes in drama, you do have to have an understanding of what causes that pain. So oftentimes we mine our lives for comedy, but it might come from a dark place – so that might be a reason.

That’s just a theory – you guys will be studying it on the academic level for years. I can’t give you the whole . . . it’s really a full semester class and I can’t give you the answer unless you pay for it and get some accreditation.”


Priceless opens Friday, October 14. For more info, please go to the film’s official site.

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