‘Crisis’ Episode 2 Preview: Marcus Finley Is Off The Field!


With shows such as 24 and Homeland as its progenitors, Crisis may traverse in similar territory, but as long as it’s keeping things moving (and interesting), who cares? Last week’s pilot gave us the huge twist of Thomas Gibson’s (Dermot Mulroney) involvement in the kidnapping plot. Another interesting surprise was Lance Gross’ scene stealing work as Secret Service agent Marcus Finley.

Not only did Finley easily dispatch one of the bad guys and save precocious child Anton Roth (Joshua Erenberg) in the process, he also had a pretty brilliant verbal exchange with Gibson over a walkie-talkie. During the convo, Marcus described Gibson as a “bug that needs to be stepped on and stopped.”

Gibson, who earlier in the episode had an emotional heart to heart with himself in front of a bathroom mirror, plainly replied: “Yes I am a bug, I’ve always known that about myself. But today, the bug is king.”

Is the bug truly the king in Crisis, or will Marcus Finley lay the smack down and beat Gibson to the punch? I’m also hoping the all too authoritative Susie Dunn (Rachael Taylor) gets on Finley’s page and lets him do his job. Max Martini, seen last year doing solid work in Pacific Rim and Captain Phillips, is Boz, the brother of the guy who died during his tangle with Finley. My guess is Boz’s vengeful showdown with our intrepid Agent is inevitable.

The second episode of Crisistitled “If You Are Watching…,” airs tonight on NBC (10 pm et/pt).

In the video below, Dermot Mulroney elaborates on the “dramatic pull” of Crisis.

If you haven’t check out Lance Gross as Finley, here’s a heated exchange he has with Dunn (Taylor).

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