CinemAddicts Blu-Ray Giveaway For September Ep!!!


Hello fellow movie buffs and people who have way better taste than four star Greg (Anderson, however, I hold high in cinematic esteem)! I’m doing a new Giveaway that will be announced during each monthly episode of CinemAddicts. Very very very easy to enter. Check out below for details!!

Winner of this Giveaway chooses One of the Three Blu-rays (these are my review copies = meaning they have been viewed once but are in great condition)  that are pictured (Kill Switch, Star Wars Rebels Season Three, or Disneynature Born in China). Once I inform that you’re the winner, I’ll email you and just email me back with your choice.

CinemAddicts September Episode Giveaway Rules:

  1. Simply Comment below (via our Disqus) or on our Facebook Page and tell us which Movies you are looking forward to in September. I’d love to hear why you’d love to see these flicks, but if time is of the essence, just naming a couple of movies in your comments and bypassing the dissertation is totally fine!! Contest ends Tuesday, August 28 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.
  2. Once you’ve commented, email me at or, if you prefer, for confirmation that you entered the giveaway.
  3. I will announce the winner on our CinemAddicts September show – winner will be drawn randomly by this Randomizer app I have on my iPad (which I use for the regular Giveaways).

***Listeners Brian O’Connell, Tam Smith and Andrew Schluckbier are automatically entered because they gave their September movie recommendations after listening to August’s episode (btw, Anderson Cowan came up with idea of gathering up all this movie knowledge so credit goes to my better cinematic half!!).

A couple of last things:

  1. Whenever we do the CinemAddicts episode, there will be no Social Media requirements to take part in the Giveaway, just commenting on our website or Facebook page will suffice – I just finished emailing a CinemAddicts listener (btw I hate using the word “listener” so if you guys have a better word please tell me) to discuss my thoughts on The Taking of Pelham 123. Bottom line – movie talk is something Cowan and I love to do so feedback is very important to us (and I hope you too..).
  2. Since we’re know housing CinemAddicts on, we are still using the WalMart and Ebay Plugins to generate  income for CinemAddicts. So if you want to support our program with a couple of bucks here and there – that would be great as well.
  3. Everything Movie related (movies, CinemAddicts podcasts, Blu-ray/DVD reviews, and Giveaways) will all be filtered through the CinemAddicts Facebook page. Everything TV or Gaming related will be posted on the Deepest Dream Facebook page. How I mirror both FB sites will be how I split up the coverage on Deepest Dream.


***Sorry for the long post when this giveaway should be so easy – any questions, feedback, or suggestions please email me at or (btw Anderson and I both check this email).


Feel Free To Comment!!

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