Charity Wakefield Is “Wired” For ‘The Player’ Experience

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Charity Wakefieldlast seen in the acclaimed series Wolf Hall as Mary Boleyn, takes on an entirely different world with the Las Vegas set action series The PlayerThe story centers on Alex (Philip Winchester), an ex-military operative who, becomes a pawn in a high stakes betting game that centers on whether or not a crime will transpire.  Wakefield is Cassandra, a tech genius who aids Alex in his attempts to thwart these heinous activities.

The Player - Season Pilot
THE PLAYER — Charity Wakefield as Cassandra King — (Photo by: Jeff Riedel/NBC)

Though the show’s bread and butter will rest on its eye-popping, adrenaline inducing action (Wesley Snipes is the mastermind who organizes these betting transactions), The Player is also infused with an intriguing storyline.

After the groundwork for the series is established with the pilot, the guessing game begins on whose side Johnson (Snipes) and Cassandra (Wakefield) are really on, and Alex’s (Winchester) thirst for justice (and vengeance) should, during his journey as “the player,”  take him down an even darker path.

“It’s exciting,” says Wakefield . “It’s tons of action (and) adventure. Each show is like a rollercoaster but then there’s that interesting kind of debate going on in the background.”

That debate centers on the continued growth of technology and its infringement upon a person’s privacy. Since Cassandra’s job is to extract information with the use of her tech knowledge, Wakefield had a distinct opinion on the aforementioned “debate.” Check out the video below:

Along with delving deeper into Cassandra’s intellectual world, the actress also is pushing her body to the limit. “My training is ongoing,” adds Wakefield. “I was hanging on a wire yesterday and shooting people from the top of a building! And that’s the fun thing about my character because she’s absolutely based in a strong, intel kind of world but as the series goes on we’ll reveal a little bit more on what her agenda is.”

The Player premieres September 24 on NBC (10/9c).

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