Austin Allsup Leads The Voice Battle Rounds, Night 4


It’s the final night of The Voice Battle Rounds and most of the slots for the Knockouts are filled. In fact, Team Miley is now full, with Teams Blake, Adam and Alicia having one more competition left. And the coveted steals are almost gone as well, with Blake holding the final chance to snag a vocalist from going home. So let’s get into the final night of The Voice Battle Rounds.

Team Blake

Music vet Austin Allsup and teen up-and-comer Preston James make up Blake’s final pairing. He gives them the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic, “Bad Moon Rising,” feeling it will give them a chance to show off the edge in their voices.  Bette drives in the fact that they really need to convince the audience the conviction of the song and Bette and Blake both say they need to lock in their harmonies. When they come in for the second rehearsal, Austin reveals they’ve added their own spin on the song, giving it a tweak to the arrangement. It makes for a bluesier sound. Bette also attempts to get them to loosen up and have fun. Blake calls it his favorite battle, and when the performance comes, both show off amazing gravelly voices and give the night’s top performance. Alicia thought both showed their own style, but leans toward Preston. Miley is so thrown by the performance she can’t make a decision either way. Adam says Blake can’t go wrong with either, and in the end Blake chooses Austin. Sadly, with all the steals already used, Preston is heading home.

Team Alicia

For Alicia’s final pairing is Broadway vocalist Gabriel Violett squaring off against singing siblings Whitney and Shannon. Alicia gives the pair the Extreme rock ballad, “More Than Words,” feeling that their tones will blend well together. Alicia wants Gabriel to not hold back, and Charlie Puth has him try a different approach to one portion of the song. He also has Whitney and Shannon “embrace the space.” As for the battle, it doesn’t measure up to the rehearsals. Gabriel starts a little shaky and it takes a while before the sibling harmonies really take control, but toward the latter portion of the song, the sisters are locked in and Gabriel hits a note that wows. Miley was speechless and felt that Gabriel found his space to fit with the sisters. Adam was still smarting about not landing the siblings during the Blind Auditions, but Blake feels Gabriel has not gotten the credit he deserves for the transitions during his performance. Alicia is complimentary to both, but ends up advancing Whitney and Shannon.

Team Adam

The final pairing of the night pretty much ensures a Blake steal to come, so Bindi Liebowitz and Brendan Fletcher prepare to do their best to earn the respect of Coach Adam and in a round about way Coach Blake. The vocalists are given Marc Broussard’s “Home,” a track that will give them a chance to show their power. Sammy and Adam try to get Brendan to get over his nerves, and Adam realizes that a suggestion doesn’t necessarily fit Bindi’s voice as he hoped. The performance brings out Brendan’s rich tone and feels more in his wheelhouse, while Bindi has a more clean vocal. Blake says both sang the song real well, but he felt he learned more about Brendan. Alicia was taken by Brendan’s voice, but felt Bindi could have unleashed more power. Miley, likewise, felt Bindi could have shown more. Adam says he feels he has to do right by one of his vocalists and chooses Brendan to remain on his team, while Blake steals Bindi.

So, the teams are all full and the Knockout Rounds will begin next week. But before we move on, let’s rank the night’s top performances.

4. Bindi Liebowitz (Team Blake)
3. Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam)
2. Whitney and Shannon (Team Alicia)
1. Austin Allsup (Team Blake)