Audio Life: Jason Schwartzman Employs Prosthetic Penis for “The Overnight”

Opening in select theaters June 19, The Overnight centers on a formerly Seattle based couple named Alex and Emily (Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling) who move to Los Angeles and instantly befriend Kurt (Jason Schwartman), an amiable and eccentric family guy they met at their neighborhood park. What ensues is a night to remember for all parties involved (Judith Godréche plays Kurt’s wife Charlotte).

L-R: Jason Schwartzman, Judith Godreche, Adam Scott, and Taylor Schilling in "The Overnight" (The Orchard).
L-R: Jason Schwartzman, Judith Godreche, Adam Scott, and Taylor Schilling in “The Overnight” (The Orchard).

The movie, penned by writer/director Patrick Brice, is a witty comedy about the shifting mores that occur within relationships, and each of the actors get their moment to shine.

I’ll be posting more audio from “The Overnight” this week, but for now I’ll leave you with an interesting tidbit – Jason Schwartzman used a prosthetic penis during a skinny dipping pool sequence.

“Because I was naked with this prosthetic on, it actually was so much more extreme,” says Schwartzman. “I felt way more relaxed being naked with the prosthetic than I would if I was in swim trunks the whole time. I can’t explain the psychology of that, but it was . . . very liberating.”

He talks about the experience in the following Soundcloud clip below (co-star Judith Godréche is also heard in the audio) :

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