App Review: “Heroes Reborn: Enigma” Is Downright Puzzling!



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Tim Kring’s beloved Heroes universe can currently be seen Thursday nights on NBC with Heroes Reborn and now mobile and tablet gamers can also play the just released Heroes Reborn: Enigma by downloading the app on Apple Store and Google Play.  Kring’s Imperative Entertainment and Phosphor Games teamed up for the new title.


The 3D first person puzzle game centers on Dahlia, an evolved human who is attempting to escape a corrupt government facility named the Quarry. In search of a way out while also attempting to find her missing sister Cassandra, Dahlia’s telekinetic powers and a newfound ability to alter time (as well as time travel!) transform her from a helpless victim to (if one continues to solve the puzzles) a seemingly indestructible force.

I’ve played Heroes Reborn: Enigma for nearly two and a half hours and have been stuck on level ten for most of my game playing time. If you are a patient gamer who loves a solid puzzle challenge that could occasionally twist your brain, then Heroes Reborn: Enigma might be your cup of tea.

The wonderful aspect behind Heroes Reborn: Enigma is that the developers have not made solving these puzzles an easy task, as players must also have the physical coordination to complete several levels. Since most tablet and mobile games rely and the tap and swipe mechanic, oftentimes these games, no matter what the genre, are relatively easy to master.

If you’re finding the swiping controls a bit too frustrating, try the virtual joystick option (which shows up on the lower left hand side of the screen). After spending the first hour tapping and swiping my way through the Quarry, I finally found my groove with the joystick addition.


With Heroes Reborn: Enigma, it took me a healthy spell to master Dahlia’s ability to pick up objects, throw them around, or even strategically place them to help solve a puzzle. Even after learning how to properly navigate throughout the game, I still had to perfectly time a certain puzzle and quickly run to a rapidly closing door. Such a feat requires Dahlia’s use of telekinesis, time shifting, and a gamer’s manual dexterity, and since I love a challenge (at least with gaming!), I appreciated Heroes Reborn: Enigma’s relatively steep learning curve.

My only complaint behind Heroes Reborn: Enigma, lies behind the manipulative scientist who keeps Dahlia captive, as his voice became a bit of a nag while I was trying to advance to the next level. When his incessant, verbal prodding of Dahlia gets on my nerves, I simply lower the volume on my iPad and concentrate on the task at hand. So no harm, no foul!

Heroes Reborn: Enigma is a solid title for puzzle enthusiasts who love a bit of a challenge or for Heroes fans who, while expanding their knowledge of the evo universe, can also push their puzzle solving acumen to the limits.

The events of Heroes Reborn: Enigma serves as a prequel to NBC’s Heroes Reborn, and in the video below Tim Kring and developer Brad Santos talk about the “fun” and “challenging” title:

 ****This review was completed by a review code given by the publisher of Heroes Reborn: Enigma. I played the iOS version of the game on my iPad.

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